Deako Certification Quiz
Basic understanding of the Deako Lighting system
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1. Will material be ordered on a per house basis? *
2. In a 3-way circuit what Backplate wire is used for the "common" on either side? *
3. Are the Deako Red and Blue Backplate wires polarity sensitive when used in a 3-way? *
4. Choose the correct Deako wire connections in a 3-way circuit. *
5. Do Deako Simple Switches work in both 3-way and single pole circuits? *
6. On average how much longer does it take to install a Deako Backplate than a normal switch? *
7. Are the Deako Backplate wires polarity sensitive in a 4-way circuit? *
8. Choose the correct Deako wire connections in a 4-way circuit. *
9. When pairing Deako Smart Switches in a 3-way circuit. About how long does it take for them to pair? *
10. In either a 3-way or 4-way circuit. At what location will a Deako Smart Dimmer be located? *
11. At what location will you start the pairing process? *
12. If at anytime there is a problem with a Deako Smart Switch or Dimmer during a multi-switch circuit. The first step is? *
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