Cosmic Labyrinth Parent/Guardian survey
Thank you for your input with this survey. This will be used to advocate for parents and children in school districts throughout the United States. Please sign up to receive notifications about events, cosmic kits, and more via email -
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How old are your child(ren)?
How much do you feel you are being supported by educators in schools (1 being completely unsupported - 10 being fully supported) during this pandemic/quarantine?
Completely unsupported
fully supported
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What is the toughest challenge you're facing as a parent right now?
What is most important to you about enriching your children's lives?
How engaged are students/children taking classes online?
Checked out/ignoring classes
Super engaged
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Are your children being adequately empowered/enriched during this pandemic/quarantine?
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How many hours every week are spent on technical issues for your children and their schooling?
What kind of support are you seeking for your children during this quarantine and beyond?
Is there anything you would remove from your child's day to day learning? anything you'd add?
How is your child(ren) being affected by this online/hybrid education?
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What has this pandemic helped you understand about your child(ren)'s education?
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