Improved Ambulatory EEG Design for Children with Epilepsy.
Institution: The National College of Art and Design & The Royal Society of Arts.

On behalf of NCAD, Conall Casey and Kevin Omelia are undertaking a Student Design Competition set out by the Royal Society of Arts as part of their final year (Product Design) project.

Their research so far has uncovered significant problems and poor experiences with the use of Ambulatory EEGs in Ireland (particulary in rural areas), with this in mind they have been redesigning an improved Ambulatory EEG product/system/service.

Who is survey for: Parents/Caregivers of children with epilepsy mainly, but opinions from anyone will relevent information on Ambulatory EEGs are welcome.

Purpose of this survey: To identify possible pain points in using an Ambulatory EEG and to gain the users opinion and perspective. We'd like to hear your thoughts on how you think the experience could be improved for yourself and your child.

Confidentiality: Your answers will be confidential and will not be made available except in the
form of an anonymized report or publication. All computerized data will be stored on a password-protected computer only accessible by the research team.

The survey should take 5 minutes to complete.

Further Information: You can get more information or answers to your questions about the study,
your participation in the study from Conall Casey (
Are you from a rural area of Ireland?
Clear selection
While your child was wearing the EEG did you need to stay near the hospital or could you stay at home?
How long did your child wear the Ambulatory EEG for?
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Did your child sleep with the the Ambulatory EEG on? If not, why didn't they sleep?
What hospital did you complete the procedure with?
Did the electrodes stay in place? If not please specify how you think they might have come loose.
How many Ambulatory EEG's has your child had done?
Clear selection
How was the experience of having the EEG fitted onto your child? Did any issues arise?
Do you have any suggestions for how this experience might be improved for the child and the parent/caregiver?
If you are happy to help us out further could you leave an email address or phone number for us to contact you on? We would be looking to have a quick 15 minute chat to discuss you and your childs experience. You will remain totally anonymous of course.
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