NUS Toddycats @ Ubin Day 2015!
Hi everyone!

Pesta Ubin is here again!

Come join us in sharing the Ubin Way on Ubin Day with members of the public!

Our presence will be felt through the . They are:
(1) International Coastal Cleanup (i/c: ICCS Intern Rebecca Lee) (See
(2) Palm civet awareness (i/c: Xu Weiting, Fung Tze Kwan) (See,
(3) Pedal Ubin (i/c: Joelle Lai)

The two booths will be present on Saturday and Sunday (7:30 AM to 5:30 PM), and we will offer Pedal Ubin on Sunday only (8 AM to 12 noon).

For awareness booths: we need four persons per three hour shifts to man the booths (located at the basketball court outside HSBC Volunteer hub).

For Pedal Ubin: We need four to eight cycling guides (don't worry if you have no experience -- we will conduct recce and training two weeks before - also, do help if you can be the last man and are a certified first aider). See what we were up to last year here (

Booth contents:
Palm civet awareness: Introduce the biology of some terrestrial animals through specimens and games
ICCS booth: Introduce local marine biodiversity, the threat of marine trash, and solutions in the course of sustainability.

Scope and Tasks (for Palm civet and ICCS booths):
(1) Specimen guiding, generate awareness
(2) Facilitate interactive games

If you are interested to help out in any of the above, please sign up below!

Joelle Lai
Toddycats Coordinator
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For ICCS and Palm Civet Booth guides
Can you attend the ICCS and/or Palm Civet booths training workshop on 6 June (Saturday) from 1PM to 4PM
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Shift options for 13 June (Saturday)
Shift options for 14 June (Sunday)
For Pedal Ubin guides
Can you attend the Pedal Ubin recce on 31st May (Sunday) from 8:30 AM to 1 PM
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Do you have experience cycling/guiding on Pulau Ubin?
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Are you a first aider?
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