Wellington United GO Trials 2018
This form is to be completed for any Girls who have interest in trialing for WU Zwolle and WU Twisters for the 2018.
Teams will be entered in the 14th grade Mixed Premier competitions (games will be played on a Saturday).

There are limited spaces available in these two teams.

Trials will be held on Saturday 10th February between, 4-5.30pm at Te Whaea. Please be at the trials 15 mins prior to sign in.

Please complete a separate form for each child you are registering (this keeps the back room processes simple)

What is your child's full name? *
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What is your child's year of birth? *
What Club did your child play at in 2017? *
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What Team and Grade did your child play in 2017? *
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Does this child have any medical details or other information that we should be aware of?
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What is your child's preferred playing position - first preference? *
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