Ohio Anne Braden Anti-Racist Organizer Training Program Application
Catalyst Project will be holding the Anne Braden Anti-Racist Organizer Training Program for white social justice activists in Ohio starting in September 2019. The Braden Program develops white anti-racist leaders as part of an overall multiracial movement-building strategy. Applications are now open for this 4-month program, which includes 3 intensive 4-day workshops in person, small group online meetings between sessions, one-on-one mentorship, readings, homework, and grassroots fundraising. The program is for white social justice organizers in Ohio, and will be located in Columbus. The applications are due June 3rd and space is limited.

Course dates in Columbus, OH with all 4 days of each weekend running 10am-6pm:
o September 13-16 (Friday - Monday) **Homework for this first session starts in early January**
o November 15-18 (Friday - Monday)
o January 17-20, 2020 (Friday - Monday, Monday is MLK Day)

Program expectations, costs and accessibility information are detailed below. We are committed to supporting poor and working class leadership of our movements. We are offering a sliding scale fee, stipends for travel and childcare, and housing support - please find all that information at the bottom of this application. We may be able to offer missed wage stipends for people who will not be able to participate in the program without them. We are also committed to making this program as accessible as possible for people with disabilities, the venue will be wheelchair accessible and we are committed to doing the best we can to meet other access needs, please fill out that information in the application.
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Name *
Preferred First and last name
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Phone number *
Address (remember this program is only for people in Ohio) *
Please include street address, city, state, and zip
Organization(s) *
If you're part of an organization (including campaigns you've worked on, or groups you volunteer for), please list them, the role(s) you've played and one sentence about what the organization does.
Please answer these questions as you are comfortable--- we want the program to reflect a range of identities and experiences.
Note: mixed race and/or light-skinned people of color who identify as having white privilege are welcome to apply
Gender Pronouns
Would you like to be referred to as she, he, they, your name only, or another pronoun?
Please describe your class position, in your own words.
You might want to note your family background, your education, access to wealth or debt, current privilege and other factors that shape your understanding of your class. Check out this document for support thinking about your class background: https://tinyurl.com/y85jees3
You can include religious cultures you were raised in and/or now practice.
Do you identify as having a disability?
We have a strong commitment to making this program accessible for people with disabilities. We will work with individual people and the group to meet access needs and communicate clearly if a need can't be met. Please describe any access needs you have, such as ASL interpretation, visual or auditory aids, wheelchair or other physical accessibility needs, or any others.
These next questions help us get to know you. This isn’t a test!
Please describe in some detail (several paragraphs is fine) your grassroots social justice activism experience. Where applicable, be sure to describe what role(s) you played and how long you have been/were involved in organizations, groups or campaigns. *
What motivates you to do the political work you do? *
What do you think stronger white anti-racist leadership could contribute to social justice movements where you live? *
Why do you want to participate in the program? *
What will you bring to the program? (Skills, strengths, approach, experiences) *
Where do you see yourself applying the lessons of the program? *
The dates are: Sept 13-16 (Friday - Monday), November 8-11 (Friday - Monday, Monday is veterans day), January 24-27, 2020 (Friday - Monday). All 4 days will be full days, in person, in xxxx, Ohio from 10am-6pm including a long lunch break and several shorter breaks. The days are designed to build upon each other. Participants are expected to attend all of the sessions and miss a maximum of 2 days.
Are there any of these dates that you know you will miss? Please List them. *
In addition to the 12 days we will all be together in person, there will be work before session one and between each session, averaging 4 hours of work per week for the course of the program. This will include: homework; readings; research; meetings with small groups, a mentor, and a Catalyst collective member; and two webinars. These are core components of the program and are required. The work starts when participants are accepted into the program in mid-July.
Do you commit to doing this work between sessions, and seeking support if you are having trouble? *
Another required part of the program will be fundraising for a grassroots organization led by people of color in your area. We will provide grassroots fundraising training and support (this time is included in the 4 hours per week detailed above).
Do you commit to completing the grassroots fundraising part of the program? *
Look over the expectations for the program. What do you see as potential challenges for you? Are there ways you do or can get support from friends, family and people in your community? *
We have a strong commitment to making this program accessible to people regardless of ability to pay, and a strong commitment to building poor and working class leadership in our movements. We ask the following questions in the application so that we (both you as applicants and us as Catalyst) can start planning.
We will offer full and partial travel stipends for some participants in the program whose organizations will not cover their travel costs. We will prioritize these for poor and working class participants, but may be able to offer partial stipends to middle class participants who wouldn't otherwise be able to come. Will you need a travel stipend to participate in the program? *
We will ask everyone to do their best to find housing for the weekend if they are coming in from out of town, but if you are unable to find a place to stay we will provide housing. We cannot guarantee things like private rooms, but will work with people’s access needs. Do you think you will need community housing? *
We will provide childcare or a stipend for childcare for parents who would need to pay for extra childcare to participate. Will you need to pay for childcare? *
We may be able to offer missed wage stipends for people who will not be able to participate in the program without them. Would you need a stipend to cover lost wages in order to participate in this program?
Clear selection
Our sliding scale for the program is $0-3,500. The cost of the program is approximately $2,700 per person. When determining where on this scale you pay, we ask that you consider the following chart as a guide. Class is complicated and many people will see their class experience reflected in several different categories. In addition please consider your own life circumstances such as: how many people your income is supporting, regional cost of living, your age, chronic health needs, and other things we weren't able to capture. We ask that you use your best judgment and if you feel stuck you can contact rahula@collectiveliberation.org.
We strongly encourage people who were raised middle class, managerial class, or owning class or whose organizations can contribute to the fee to pay as high on the scale as you are able in order to support poor and working class leaders’ ability to fully participate in this program. Please consider the networks you have access to as a resource. Many participants have fundraised from friends and family in order to participate in programs in the past.
Sliding Scale Suggested Fees
Payments can be made in 1-4 payments. The first payment is due at the time of your acceptance in the program to hold your spot. The second payment is due by the end of the first session. The third payment is due by the end of the second session. The final payment is due by the end of the last session. If you accept a place in the program and drop out after the program begins, except for extenuating circumstances, you will be expected to pay the remainder of your fee. How much will you pay for the program if you are accepted? *
Anything else you want us to know about you? (Personally, politically, etc)
Thank you so much for applying. We will be notifying applicants in early July.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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