Learner's Feedback Questionnaire 2020-21
Please complete the following questionnaire. Your views are very important to us!
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1. I receive good personal support from my tutor, who listens to my views and who has helped me to learn and improve my digital skills. *
Any comments
2. My confidence has increased in using: *
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3. My learning has helped me use the following: *
4. I can use the following Programmes, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc.
Create a document
Cut, copy and paste
Create a spreadsheet
Organise information in files and folders
Save file/information on a device /cloud
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Any other
5. My learning has enabled me to :
Set up an email account online
Use the email calendar
Send and receive emails
Send emails with an attachment
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6. I can use the internet for the following:
surfing the internet for information
completing forms online
paying utility bills online
online banking, shopping.
making appointments online, etc
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Any other
7. The skills I gained have helped me achieve the following:
a. Improved online communication for personal & professional development. (Please, give examples, such as: I learned and started using smartphone apps; take and share documents/photos with others, etc). *
b. Learned to communicate online safely. (Please, give examples, such as: I am able to recognise and deal with online risks; less anxious /more confident when communicating online because I know how to protect my personal data online).
c. Reduced social/cultural isolation via social media interaction. (Please, give examples of the impact of this, such as: reading about news and events in the UK/world, knowing about your rights, community events; enjoying radio/music/films online, speaking with my friends and relatives, etc) *
d. Gained access to information/entitlements and how to deal/use statutory services such as Council Services, DWP, NHS, HMRC, etc. (Please, give specific examples of what you have accessed or used as a result of learning to use the internet.) *
e. Improved the day-to-day quality of life by using new digital skills (Please, give examples, such as: online shopping, banking, exercising consumer rights; arranged my utility bills/council tax online; solved problems before they became bigger problems.etc) *
f. Improved job prospects /getting a better-paid job (Please, give examples, such as: learned how to draft a CV/ write Covering Letter; searched /made online job applications; registered to further courses, etc) *
g. Gained work experience/volunteering opportunities. (Please, give some examples) *
Any other achievements/differences digital learning made (please specify)
8. I feel safe and enjoy my learning *
9. I would recommend CAIA’s Digital Inclusion Project to others *
10. Thank you for completing this questionnaire! Please, write any other comments or suggestions here, as to how we can improve our service.
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