Mile High Blues 2019: Volunteer Application
Mile High Blues could not happen without all the help we get. That's you!

If you are interested in helping us make MHB a great time, please fill out the form below. It should take about 15 minutes to fill out.

You will receive confirmation that your application was received within three days.

When you have been selected as a volunteer, you will receive an email with a discount code for the amount of hours you have volunteered for. Credit will be given in the form of $14/hr off toward your pass, not to exceed your total pass price ($21 per hour for hours worked as a volunteer driver). You may choose to volunteer for extra hours beyond your pass type for no additional compensation. If you do so, please email in addition to this application.

If you miss any shifts for any reasons not prearranged with a manager, you may be responsible for paying the amount of discount you received for those shifts. This will be handled on a case by case basis. Missing shifts can affect any future consideration for volunteering.

Please make sure you add to your contacts list (or safe sender list) so that messages are not sent to your spam folder. All communication leading up to the event will be done via email and if we do not hear back from you, your position may be replaced. If you don't hear from us one week after applying and you don't see any messages in your spam folder, please send us an email!

MHB Volunteer Director

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Basic Info About You
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Please double check you have entered it correctly. You must be able to check this email and if you do not respond in a timely manner, your position may be replaced.
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Can you receive texts at this number? *
How many hours would you like to volunteer? *
We are offering $14 off per hour volunteered for whatever pass you buy ($21 per hour for hours worked as a volunteer driver). We will not reimburse you beyond your pass price.
If you selected "I'll do whatever you need!" in the question above, what is your minimum and maximum amount of hours? (Ex: 3-17 hours)
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For reference, here is the weekend overview:
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Please indicate when you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT work (i.e. due to plane travel, transportation availability, competitions, etc): *
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A Bit More About You
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What volunteer experience do you have? *
Please include what events you have worked for and what you did for them.
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Please write a little bit about why you would be a good fit for MHB. *
Things like experience, availability, preference, and general humor are appreciated here.
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What is your interest level in helping with the following? *
I love doing this and I'm good at it!
I enjoy doing this but I'm not that good at it.
I would do this willingly.
I would do this only if need be.
No way!
Sweeping, mopping, general cleaning
Keeping tabs on supplies and restocking
Answering questions about the event
Registering people
Handling money efficiently and with integrity
Helping with technical things (lights, sound, building etc)
Doing odd jobs at the last minute
Problem solving
Keeping people on task
Helping people get their needs taken care of
Working with food
Taking fantastic and creative photos
Videotaping important and exciting moments
Are there additional skill sets you have that were not mentioned on this form?
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Select all that are true about you. *
Do you intend to perform at this event? *
Do you have any restrictions (physical or emotional) that we should know about?
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I understand and agree that if I miss shifts that I am scheduled to work, I am responsible for paying the amount of discount for the shifts I missed. I may be able to make up shifts at different times depending on Volunteer Manager discretion. I understand that if I am absent or more than 10 minutes late for my volunteer slot I will be considered a no-show. *
Please write any comments or questions you have here. (If you'd like to be a volunteer driver, please indicate so here and also tell us about your vehicle type/seats available)
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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