AMC Berkshire Member Survey
This survey form has been created by the Appalachian Trail (AT) Committee of the Berkshire Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club. For more information about this survey, visit or send email to

The AT Committee, in concert with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) and the AMC, is considering working with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to offer an AT Special License Plate.

This brief survey is intended to assess the level of interest among AMC members in purchasing such a special automobile license plate, should it become available. We are conducting this survey because the Registry of Motor Vehicles requires that a minimum of 750 plates be sold to kick off any such special plate, and that a minimum of 3000 plates are sold within 5 years.

Note that the special plate fee would be $40, and would have to be renewed every two years.

The initial plate fee would be distributed as follows:

• $12 is used to defray the cost of manufacturing the plate;
• $28 would go to the AT Committee, and would be tax deductible to the purchaser.

Upon renewal, the entire special plate fee ($40) would go to the AT Committee, and would be fully tax deductible.

Funds received from this program would be used by the AT Committee and the ATC to fund the Committee's activities (including operation, maintenance, monitoring, and education), support AT Communities in MA, and to allocate funds for land protection related to the AT.

All information collected through this survey will be used strictly for the purpose of informing the AT Committee's decision about whether to submit a proposal for a new special license plate, and will not be shared or used for any other reason.


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