Voluntar la Blaj aLive Festival 2017
Those who wish to be involved in the organizing process of the Blaj aLive 2017 are required to fill in the following form by May 21st and they will be contacted before May 21st to be informed if they were selected as part of the volunteering team. Volunteering at the Blaj aLive Festival is meant to bring a plus of professional experience in the international entertainment industry.
During the festival everyone will be under pressure, however, for those involved in the organizing process, a big responsibility will be added on top. Volunteering at Blaj aLive is not the best option for those who would like to enjoy all the events included in the Festival program. The basic qualities we look for and try to develop during the festival days are: dynamism, communication and attention to details, pro-active attitude, enthusiasm, teamwork and flexibility.
Working schedule: 8 hours each day during June 3rd -4th, according to the options checked in the form. The minimum age required for joining: 18 years old by January 1st 2017. Direct benefits for volunteers: recommendations at request for employers, proof of working in the festival, T-shirts, badges; and all volunteers have an individual full pass that can be used after work, according to the role and personal schedule.
According to the Law no.677/2001, for people's protection when using their personal data and the free transfer of this information, we mention that the requested information will not be used by a third party and in no other purpose than that of a volunteering contract.
If you need more details, please contact us at HYPERLINK "mailto:voluntar@blajalive.ro" voluntar@blajalive.ro.

Motivatia ta / Your motivation *
Mentioneaza cateva motive pentru care ai vrea sa faci parte din echipa de voluntari. / Please state a few reasons why you wish to join the volunteer team.
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In ce departament ai vrea sa lucrezi in timpul festivalului? / In which department would you like to work during the festival? *
Ai mai lucrat ca voluntar pentru evenimente ca Blaj aLive? / Have you worked as a volunteer for events like Blaj aLive? *
Daca da, te rugam sa mentionezi evenimentul si anul/ If so, please state which event and mention the year.
Te rugam sa mentionezi in ce departament ai lucrat la Blaj aLive 2014/2015/2016. / Please mark the following boxes depending on the department you worked on Blaj aLive 2014/2015/2016: *
Daca ai fost voluntar la alte festivaluri, te rugam sa mentionezi in ce departament ai activat. / If you have been part of another volunteering team, let us know what department you were part of: *
Prenume / Surname: *
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Nume / Name: *
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Poză / Picture *
Trimite-ne o poza "tip pasaport" cu tine! Poti folosi serviciul http://tinypic.com pentru a incarca poza. Linkul pe care il lasi mai jos trebuie sa fie de forma http://tinypic.com/r/2mo3vye/7". / Send us a link to a passport type photo of you! You may use this site: http://tinypic.com to upload your photo. The link you provide us should have the following form "http://tinypic.com/r/2mo3vye/7"
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Adresa de e-mail / E-mail address: *
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Numar de telefon / Telephone no.: *
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CNP / Personal Identification Number: *
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Seria si numarul cartii de identitate / Identity Card Series and Number *
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Adresa din cartea de identitate / Address, according to the identity card: *
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Din ce oras vei veni la Blaj aLive 2017? / From what town will you travel to Blaj aLive 2017? *
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Persoana de contact in caz de urgenta / Your in case of emergency contact name: *
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Numar de telefon pentru persoana de contact in caz de urgenta / Your in case of emergency contact phone no.: *
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Ce studii ai? / What are your current studies? *
Inca la facultate, absolvent de facultate, master, doctorat, absolvent de liceu etc. / Currently in college, college graduate, Master, PhD, high-school, etc.
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Vorbesti o limba straina? / Do you speak any foreign languages? *
Daca da, mentioneaza nivelul pentru fiecare (nivel conversational, mediu, avansat) / If so, mention your level for each one (conversational level, intermediate, proficient user)
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Selectează zilele în care ești disponibil pentru a fi voluntar Blaj aLive. / Please select the dates when will you be available for Blaj aLive 2017. *
Vei avea nevoie de cazare pe perioada festivalului? Do you need accommodation during the festival period? *
Voluntarii vor fi cazați în campingul festivalului. Vă puteți aduce propriile corturi. / The volunteers will be hosted in the festival camping during the event. You can bring your own tent.
Cerințe mâncare / Diet requests *
Tricou / T-shirt
Selectează modelul și mărimea tricoului. Fiecare voluntar va primi un tricou Blaj aLive. / Please select the model and size of the T-shirt. Each volunteer will receive a Blaj aLive T-shirt.
Model: Fete/Female
Model: Baieti/Male
Confirm inscrierea in festival si respectarea regulilor acestuia daca voi fi inclus in echipa de voluntari / I hereby confirm my joining the festival and respecting the festival rules if I am accepted as a volunteer *
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