This form is the new way that the club will be accepting complaints. You don't have to be a victim in the case to submit a complaint. When you submit this form it will only go to the email which only Wendy Reed (club president) and Madison Stianchi (Complaints Committee Chair) have access to. The reason that both of these people have access is if there is a complaint against one of them, they will hold the other accountable.
             From there Madison will go through the information and compile an email of the information that is sent through the form that is allowed to be shared with the rest of the committee so that we can have a discussion about the next steps that will be taken. Any complaints that are sent directly to the board email will immediately be forwarded to the complaints email where the same process will take place. The board will have the final determination if the consequences that we are presenting are just or if a different action needs to be taken.
                This process is being put in place to prevent any bias against a victim or an accused person.  Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible. You have the ability to remain anonymous in this reporting, but please note that remaining anonymous will limit the action that we are able to take after investigating the incident and prevent us from contacting you with the results of the investigation. If you would like to share any images of proof, please send them to the email address. Please note that all information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with the general membership of the club.
             If you have any questions or change your mind about anything that you mentioned in your complaint please feel free to email  the complaints email at
            Please be aware that Wendy and Madison have agreed to put any relationships aside and view each of the complaints with an impartial mindset and they will recuse themselves from any discussion of complaints filed against themselves or their husbands. 
The person you are filing a complaint against, if you don't know their name please describe the person as best as you can or inform us of someone who may know the person's name. *
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Which part of the RVRR code of conduct do you feel this person has violated? *
Please provide an account of what took place to bring forward a complaint *
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Below, please write what you are comfortable sharing with the entire committee as well as the person that you are filing a complaint against if you would like anything left out of your above statement. If you are okay with sharing all of the above details, just leave this box blank.
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Witnesses (If there were any)
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Action you would like taken (this is not guaranteed to take place, but we would like your input)
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Anything else you would like the committee to know?
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All of the information that you have provided above is only visible to Wendy and Madison until we filter through anything that you wouldn't like shared. If you provide your name now, that doesn't mean that your name will be shared with anyone other than Wendy and Madison. If you would like to be contacted with the results of our investigation we ask that you please provide your name below.
The questions below are a confirmation of whether or not you would like to remain anonymous. Please know that remaining anonymous will limit the actions that we can take, but we fully understand why you would like to do this.
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If you are not the victim in this case, please provide the name of the victim so that we can acquire consent to continue with this process
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Is it okay to use your name when discussing the issue with the committee? *
Would you like your name used in correspondence with the accused person? *
Email address that we can use to contact you if we have any questions or to share the results with you.
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By submitting this form you confirm that all presented information is factual and true. *
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