-This form is a way to confidentially report violations of the RVRR code of conduct, which can be found here:  You may use this to report incidents that you have experienced or witnessed whether or not you feel that the incident requires any formal action by the club.
-Upon submission of the complaint form, it will be directed to  This email is monitored by the club president and a board-appointed complaints committee chair, currently Jennifer Montemurro. They will notify the complaints committee who will assess what further action will be taken. We ask that you provide an email address in case we need to clarify or request more information, but we will do what we can to maintain confidentiality if requested.

-Investigations are treated confidentially to the extent possible, and information is disclosed strictly on a need-to-know basis. The complaints committee will take adequate steps to ensure that the complainant is protected from retaliation during and after the investigation. They will make a recommendation to the RVRR board on the appropriate actions to be taken regarding the complaint.  The board may choose to investigate further before deciding on possible sanctions.

-Steps that the RVRR board may take could include but are not limited to:

*A verbal or written warning
*Suspension from RVRR social media pages.
*Temporary suspension of RVRR membership without refund.
*Revocation of RVRR membership without refund.
*Other sanctions and requests may be made by the board depending on the specifics of an incident.

-All information pertaining to a complaint or investigation under this policy will be maintained in secure place for a time to be determined based on the severity of the case.

-If you have any questions please feel free to email the complaints email at:
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The person you are filing a complaint against, if you don't know their name please describe the person as best you can or inform us of someone who may know the person's name. *
Which part of the RVRR code of conduct do you feel this person has violated? *
Please provide an account of what took place to bring forward a complaint *
If there are any details in this account that you would not want shared with the person you are filing a complaint against (e.g. personally identifying details) you can offer a condensed version here. If you are okay sharing all of the above details, just leave this box blank.
Witnesses (If there were any)
Action you would like taken (this is not guaranteed to take place, but we would like your input)
Anything else you would like the committee to know?
Confidentiality versus Anonymity:   Below we will ask for your name and contact details. We strive to keep complaints confidential to the extent that it is possible. But we also respect that some may not want to share their name for fear of retribution. The details on this form will only be seen by the head of the complaints committee and the club president unless you indicate otherwise either on the form below or in future correspondence with us. You may alternatively choose to remain completely anonymous and not share your name or contact information, but note that this may limit the ability of the club to investigate or take action.
Your Name
If you are not the victim in this case, please provide the name of the victim so that we can acquire consent to continue with this process
Is it okay to use your name when discussing the issue with the committee? *
Is it okay to use your name in correspondence with the accused person? *
Email address that we can use to contact you if we have any questions or to share the results with you.
Upon submission of this form, you agree that all information provided is factual and accurate to the extent of your knowledge. *
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