Emerging from restrictions – how do I feel, and how might church be?
This form is to gather information from our congregations to help the team clergy and PCC's make decisions about how we move forward as restrictions ease. The form is anonymous and we will not be collecting any personal data such as email addresses.
Which church do you regularly attend? *
How do you feel about the likely lifting of most covid-restrictions in the near future?
Clear selection
In each case please show how relaxed or wary you are about the potential lifting of restrictions for things that affect church *
Very relaxed
Very wary
No face masks required
I can sit where I want with others
I can sing in church
No more sanitiser
Communion with wine
Tea and coffee after the service
Small groups able to happen again (MU, Sunday School, Toddlers etc)
If we were only lifting some restrictions, which ones do you think we should lift first? Please tick up to two
If we were only lifting some restrictions which ones do you think we should lift last? Please tick up to three
Any further comments? It is helpful for us to have your name so we know how you feel but there is no need to give your name.
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