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Women's Clique has invited this fast-growing community of Womenpreneurs who have successfully built their online business with a proven turn~key platform to share their track records and testimonials.

We welcome women from all walks of life, especially stay-at-home moms and not forgetting working moms and retirees to discover the secret by working together to generate an extra residual income to start their own E-Commerce business at ease through their global business webstore while raising a family at home.

Come and join them at this COMPLIMENTARY 2.5 Hours Introductory Talk on the Global E-Commerce growth in demand & Social Media trending outlook and importantly the products & payment gateway available on how you can embark on it right away with this entrepreneur community of women.

Check out our December Dates/Timing :-
4 WEEKEND SESSIONS on 28-29 Dec 2018

This Is The Vision Of A Growing Group Of Ordinary Entrepreneurial Women Worldwide
Workshop Venue: Quattro West, No. 4, Lorong Persiaran Barat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Malaysia)
Parking available along the 1) Roadside Parking Lots, 2) Open Carpark behind PJ Hilton Hotel OR 3) Inside PJ Hilton Hotel
About Our Womenpreneur's Talk & Networking Workshop
• Low set-up cost yet has proven results

• Grow & Build at your own pace

• Online & Offline Mentorship & Training provided

• Build an online business even when you are working or asleep

• Networking with successful Womenpreneurs in exchanging ideas

• Learn Marketing and Social Media skills from the comfort of your home

What's An Ideal Womanpreneur Within This Community
Linking all like-minded women regardless of working ladies or stay-at-home moms together to connect as a growing community to motivate one another to build a successful & proven E-Commerce business with their own living testimonials to share among one another. Women helping women to be lifted and towards the path of success with a worthy cause in their very own unique ways. Even so coming together for fun time, bonding at women's related workshops and sharing valuable ideas on women topics & family matters.
Guest Speaker - Ms JEEANN Kuan*
About Her Entrepreneurial Success
Our successful Womanpreneur & Motivational Speaker, Ms JEEANN Kuan, was an award-winning Ex-MOE (Ministry of Education) teacher in Singapore who quit her teaching career 6 years ago, to be a stay-at-home mum for her 3 young girls and started her own online business at the comfort of her home and now she is able to generate more than USD12 million in sales and profited a 6-figure income monthly after 18 months into her entrepreneurship.

She has since gained her financial freedom and family time on her side. Listen & learn from her life experience, personal transformation and foresight on how she is able to empower herself yet converging the winning mindset on an increasing number of working & stay-at-home mothers by guiding them into very success stories unfold. She often travel around to give FREE talk as VIP Speaker to many women's community.

Her legacy of empowerment spreads through the regional in Asia and more growing numbers of women from a diverse business background from all walks of life has since come under her mentorship and guidance to live a better life by successfully propelling their E-commerce business around the world. Yet enabling them to support their livelihood and transform lives of their family members back home. She is always respected as a phenomenon womanpreneur, wife, mother and mentor for life.

Main Presenter - Ms MELISSA Lee
About Her Entrepreneurial Journey
Ms. MELISSA Lee is an executive director at her own design agency for the past 18 years. She is a professionally trained commercial designer, possessed with a RMIT degree in B.Bus (Marketing). Back home, she is still a dotting mother of two young boys, Max aged 7 and Hensel is 3. Being a busy business owner with a foresight towards constant evolution of global business and knowing the marketing trends, diversification is the key to survive in a fast paced economy in a world full of turmoils. It is constantly troubling businesses affecting business owners like herself and many of the working class with only one payroll.

On her awareness of such uncertainty, she set sail in her quest to search for an additional stream of profits as an exponential income, she came across a community of mompreneurs, an entrepreneurial bevy of ladies from all walks of life and professionals, who run their online e-commerce business from a turn~key platform. On seeing and believing there is a global demand yet with the success stories of other womenpreneurs, she took on her courage and decided to change for the better venturing onto the next path towards achieving more success in life.

Hearing from our community of MY/SG womenpreneur in person. On how to build an extra residual income online & offline with a proven turn~key platform? Connecting with Women/Moms from all walks of life.
Who Should Attend?
• Stay-At-Home Mothers who want to learn how to generate an extra residual income
• Working Moms who want to start an online business while working full-time
• Retirees who want to learn how to hop onto an E-Commerce business & learning Social Media marketing during their leisure time
• Self-Employed who want to diversify your business/portfolio locally & globally with another "start-up" option
• Part-timer & Unemployed looking for a NEW start of life opportunities
This Is Not For You... IF
• you are looking for a Get-Rich-Quick scheme;
• you want to Do Little and/or Nothing now for a Future Ready Blooming Business;
• you expecting a Fast/Immediate Result for a Potential yet Viable Residual Income for Life;
• you DO NOT ACCEPT that Exponential Profits are always better than Monthly Wages and
above all IF you are Suspiciously Cynical?
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