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Thanks for coming to BrickHack as a mentor! Our attendees can't wait to have you.
Students from universities around the north east will be coming together for a 24 hour "invention marathon", thinking of new ideas & building them through software, hardware, and design.

As a mentor, you will be able to help these students with the many questions they have and give professional advice. Many people are trying something new for the first time, so there will be no shortage of questions!

There’s the traditional role to answering questions as they arise, however the super cool thing about hackathons is you can pretty much go up to any team and say hi. Teams are always happy to talk about their ideas, direction, or troubles, and being there as a alternate opinion often sparks new ideas and questions, or inspires a team who got completely stuck.

BrickHack 4 will be happening for 24 hours between January 27th & 28th, with hacking beginning around 12:30 PM on Saturday and ending with demos Sunday afternoon. You are not required to stay for the entire event - any amount of time you're able to provide is greatly appreciated!

More info about BrickHack is available at

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