The first thing you need to understand is that as a VIP CLUB MEMBER, you’re our PARTNER, that is why we have designed this compensation plan to provide you with access to free sms units/cash whenever anyone joins the VIP CLUB through you or when the same persons makes any purchase or refers someone to join, also when you purchase your sms units, you have it at a reduced price.

Benefits of a VIP CLUB MEMBER:
* Free SMS unit
* low cost on unit purchase
* Bonus from total sales
* Bonus from team sales
* Bonus from referrers

1. One VIP MEMBER in your team can only give you a maximum of 1,000TVP(team volume point)

2. Your signup as a power user or above gives you access to earn from your team in your first 4 weeks, after which your weekly earnings from your team now depends on your previous month activity(a minimum of 2VP{200 sms units} = NGN380).

3. Your startup commission is in equal proportion to your package. Eg. A power user can only earn 100 units commission from all his/her first generation team members, regardless of the higher package they join his/her team with.

3 simple Steps to become a VIP CLUB MEMBER after you've created an account on
1. Fill out the form below. (if you do not have a sponsor that referred you to become a VIP CLUB MEMBER, use 4500001 as the sponsor’s VIN)

2 Pay the cash equivalent of the package you selected.

3. Send your payment details to (234)080342222033.

Shortly after your payment is confirmed, your VIP IDENTIFICATION NUMBER(VIN) will be sent to you.

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