Watauga Medal Nomination Form
The Watauga Medal, authorized by the NC State Board of Trustees in 1975, is awarded annually to up to three individuals not currently employed by the university or the UNC System Office, who have provided extraordinary service, leadership and/or advocacy over an extended period of time and/or in an exceptional or groundbreaking way for the benefit of NC State.

Please complete the following nomination form to be reviewed by the Watauga Medal Selection Committee. A complete nomination consists of the nomination form only. Please note, nominations submitted within the last two years are automatically carried forward for consideration for the 2022 Watauga Medal.

Nominations must be received by 12:00 Midnight on Friday, September 24, and should provide members of the committee a full understanding of your nominee's achievements and contributions to NC State.

If you have any questions, please contact Maggie Musick via email at maggiemusick@ncsu.edu.
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