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Dear Band Parents,
I am very excited that your child has expressed interest in The Alonso High School Band Program! Thank you for supporting your son or daughter’s continuing music education.
The AHS Band is a program of distinction, that helps develop confidence, a positive attitude, self-esteem, cooperation, and self-discipline. It also gives members the thrill of performing in a Superior band in front of hundreds of enthusiastic fans. It takes a great amount of discipline, and dedication, but the rewards are equally great. There are countless benefits to being part of the Alonso Band Family.

Please fill out the following form which also serves as your RSVP for our 2021 Band Camp! ALL NEW AND RETURNING BAND MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THIS CAMP where will be learning a ton of AWESOME and important things like:
-Raven Band expectations and traditions
-2021 Marching Show music (top secret show theme will be announced soon!!!)
-Marching fundamentals
-2021 Opener Drill
-New stand tunes!!!

We love our band parent volunteers! If you would like to help out, please sign up at

You can also visit for even more info/updates!

Amanda Griffis
Director of Bands
Alonso High School
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