Board Application:
Thank you so much for choosing to apply for a board position within FMA for 2018-19. We hope that by joining the board you have the opportunity to both grow as a leader and make a difference on campus. We look forward to reviewing your application!

This is a year-long position beginning March 1st 2018.

Key Dates:

Thursday, February 8th (8-9 PM) - Mandatory Information Session (Room 3-112)
Sunday, February 11th - Applications Due
Friday, February 23rd - Board Interviews


Director of Corporate Relations
Director of Finance
Director of Events
Director of Operations
Director of Public Relations
Club Ambassador

General Qualifications:
FMA Involvement in any subsequent quarters
Minimum 2.0 GPA
Great attitude and enthusiasm
Desire to help grow FMA and give back the Orfalea College of Business


Director of Corporate Relations
The Director of Corporate Relations will act as a representative of FMA for large scale networking events, such as Futures in Finance Day and the Finance Forum. Additionally, He/She is responsible for contacting firms for sponsorships and for finding new internships to publicize on the website and during meetings. This will require collaboration with both the President and the Director of Operations. He/She will also be responsible for organizing at least one corporate tour per quarter. This will require working with the Dean and other connections to find firms to visit. They are responsible for organizing all logistics including travel, food and reviewing applications. He/She will also assist the Director of Public Relations in going to speak at classrooms and surveying FMA members and other students about their views of FMA and how the Exec Board can improve the club’s operations. For more information please reach out to Anjana Tummala at (408) 781-5694.

Director of Finance
The Director of Finance monitors the budget, forecasts the financial needs, and builds/manages relationships with club sponsors. He/She is further responsible for depositing membership dues, submitting reimbursement requests for club expenditures, and managing all club accounts. This position will also work in cooperation with the Director of Events in organizing fundraisers. The Director of Finance is also in charge of ordering food for each weekly meeting. Lastly, he/she will be responsible for applying for ASI funding. For more information please reach out to Cole Simpson at (707) 241 - 5605

Director of Events
The Director of Events is responsible for coordinating at least one community service event per quarter and at least one social event per quarter. These events include, but are not limited to social events, fundraisers, professional development events, community service events, etc. Recent major events include OCOB Beach Day, Bowden Ranch Trail Restoration, Fore for Finance, and OCOB Selfie Scavenger Hunt. The position requires the Director to work closely with the Director of Public Relations, Vice President, and President to ensure successful event planning, marketing, and execution. For more information please reach out to Jerry Wang at (408) 219-4612.

Director of Operations
The Director of Operations monitors the FMA website and FMA database. He/She is further responsible for adding sponsors to website homepage, updating contact information, adding biographies of all board members, creating a resume workbook, processing membership requests, and adding internship information to the member page. Lastly, he/she is responsible for keeping track of member basis points at weekly meetings, social events, and community service events so the FMA Member Asset Members are properly determined. This will include printing and collecting sign-in sheets from each meeting. For more information please reach out to Andrew Graffeo at (949) 500 - 8776

Director of Public Relations
The Director of Public Relations officer position is focused on promoting upcoming events and speakers on behalf of the club. The officer will be focused on marketing and promoting speakers and events, then documenting these events through written recaps, photographs, and other mediums as necessary. Specifically, the Director of Public Relations will be in charge of updating social media for each week’s meeting (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), updating the FMA sandwich board weekly to reflect the new speaker, updating and distributing promotional materials (stickers, key chains, lanyards, t-shirts) to prospective club members, and other tasks to grow FMA’s presence in the Orfalea College of Business and Cal Poly as a whole. They will also be responsible for speaking to classrooms and other Cal Poly associated organizations in order to promote FMA events and meetings. For more information please reach out to Jenna Koyamatsu at (949) 614 - 6496

Club Ambassador
The Club Ambassador represents FMA within the Orfalea College of Business. The Ambassador attends Club Council meetings every other week. During these meetings, the ambassador gives a report on FMA and promotes inter-club cooperation. These meetings are often attended by the Dean Dawson, so professionalism is a must. Furthermore, the Ambassador is responsible for the planning and organization of the WoW Club Showcase and Open House. For more information reach our to Parker Meints at (707) 548 - 5065.

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