Fridley Community Education Survey
Fridley Public Schools Community Education department is seeking feedback from you! Your answers will help us understand what our current and past users have to say about our services and programming. The results will be used to better understand our strengths and what we need to improve.
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Your answer
Age Range
Which zip code do you live in?
Do you have school-age children living in your household?
Did any of your children attend Fridley Public Schools?
What is the grade level of your youngest child currently enrolled in public school?
Fridley Public Schools offers a wide variety of programs through its Community Education department. Please indicate your familiarity with these programs.
Used or Participated
Heard About
Not Familiar With
Don't Know/ No Opinion
Swimming Lessons and Pool Activities
Meeting Rooms and Banquet Hall Rental
Adult Classes for Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Music, History and Culture
Adult Fitness and Exercise Programs
Community Theater Productions
Public Events like Free Family Movie Night
Senior Programs like Encore, Defensive Driving, or How to Use Medicare
Early Childhood Family Education Programs like New Parent Classes and Preschool Programs
Child Care Programs like Tiger Club
Youth Activities like Dance, Music, 4-H, Driver's Ed or Science
Youth Sports and Fitness Programs
The Community Education Website with Schedules and Sign-ups
Please specify which of the above Community Education programs you participated in most recently.
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Based on your answer above, indicate your overall satisfaction with the following:
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Not Satisfied
Don't Know/Not Applicable
Signing Up for the Program
How Much it Cost
Quality of the Teacher or Host
Quality of the Facilities
Days and Times the Program was Offered
Location where the Program was Offered
For programs that you’ve heard about but not participated in, please indicate why you have not participated. For each statement below, please select whether you strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Don't Know/No Opinion
I'm not interested in the topics or activites.
The days and times are not convenient for me.
Getting myself or my family to the location would be difficult.
The costs are too high.
I didn't think the instructor or host would be very good.
I have other options for doing the activities I'm interested in.
I wouldn't feel welcome if I attended.
I don't have time to spare.
There is no childcare available.
What Community Education offerings would you like to see in the future?
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Fridley Community Education has added additional services/building improvements this year for community members. Are you aware of the following?
Used or Participated
Heard About
Not Familiar With
Don't Know/No Opinion
Social Worker available to meet with community members and connect to resources
Early Childhood School Psychologist
Aging Services Advocate (Specializing in Elder Abuse/Exploitation)
Secure Entrance Points
Bathrooms on the Senior Side
Additional Hydration Stations
Upgraded Technology (LCD screens, sound systems, etc.)
Fridley School District Transportation and Enrollment Center at the Fridley Community Center
Centralized Offices for all Program Areas
Dedicated Early Childhood Screening Position
What additional services would you like to see offered in the future?
Your answer
Which days are more convenient for you to attend events and classes?
Which time of day is most convenient for you?
Do you receive mailings/catalogs from the Fridley Community Education department such as: classes, programs, and events that are scheduled for the coming season.
If yes, how much time do you normally spend looking at these mailings/catalogs?
What would be your preferred method for finding out about Community Education classes, programs, and events?
Please tell me if you strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree with the following statement: Community Education programs contribute to the quality of life in Fridley.
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