2019 NCHB Application Form for all attendees
This form is used by the Guest to complete his information after being nominated by a member (Sponsor).
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Based on response to previous questions, state Year, Quartet, Vocal Part, and Scores from any other BHS contests. *
(District & Intl scores are available on BHS website back to 1998. Please look up and provide here.)
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List any other Brigades in which you have participated, including years and memberships. *
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List any Brigade member (other than Sponsor named here), or BHS member references that can attest to your quartetting experience, qualifications and preparation techniques.
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By my submission I declare that I will diligently prepare by learning all music and bring fine tuning to my quartetting. I will present myself fully prepared to demonstrate such skills to all through my performance and will apply my very best efforts to being a man with whom everyone will have been glad to sing. I also will provide a recent picture of myself to NCHB as part of the nomination review process. *
After submitting this form, please send a recent photo to NCHB.OPS@GMAIL.COM
(Be sure to record this email address before submitting this form.)
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