Fraternity & Sorority Life Ambassador Program 2018-2019 Application
Application Deadline March 30, 2018
Position Overview
Fraternity & Sorority Life Ambassadors are tapped to serve as representatives of the FAU fraternity and sorority community. Ambassadors promote the highest ideals of fraternalism and are the cornerstone of the Florida Atlantic University fraternity and sorority community pillars: Service, Academics, Leadership and Unity.
Duties and Responsibilities
- Ambassadors typically serve a one-year term (May to May) however, there are instances where there are opportunities prior to May for the Ambassadors to represent the Fraternity and Sorority Community.

- Ambassadors attend a two-day training prior to the start of New Student Orientations and/or complete a satisfactory make-up training session.

- Ambassadors must complete a Pre-Assessment, training program, and Post-Assessment prior to participating in orientation or other activities.

- New Student Orientation: Ambassadors will be asked to be present for a minimum of 4-5 'shifts’ at Freshman Orientations throughout the summer. A ‘shift’ is a 3-hour time block on either the night of Day 1 or the morning of Day 2. More details re: New Student Orientation can be found below.

- Correspondence to Interested Students: During orientations, admissions and FS Life events, interested students will have the opportunity to sign-up to receive more information about recruitment/intake and other community events. Ambassadors may be asked to send informational emails to potential members that request additional information. Information will be provided.

- Experience/Development Assessment(s): Throughout the term, Ambassadors will be periodically asked to complete reflections and various assessments. Ensuring that Ambassadors are not only satisfied with their experience but; are also developing knowledge, tangible skills, and reaching the program learning outcomes is an important part of the program and its success.

- Weeks of Welcome: During the first two weeks of every fall and spring semester, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life may host events to help educate and inform new students about the FS community. As needed, members of the FS Life Ambassadors may be called upon to help staff and/or lead these programs.

- Choose FAU Day and Explore FAU Day: Each academic year the university hosts accepted and potential new students and their families, to learn more about Florida Atlantic University, its academic programs and campus life. At this event, 3 – 5 FS Life Ambassadors will staff the Fraternity and Sorority Life table answering questions asked by those in attendance. Choose FAU Day dates are: March 23rd and 30th. Explore FAU Day is April 7th.

- Ambassador Recruiting: When applications are released for the next year’s team, we will ask you to nominate other students you know to apply to become an FS Ambassador. You will also be asked to speak at council and chapter meetings discussing your experience as an Ambassador.

-Catch Up & Reconnect: Periodically throughout the FS Life Ambassador Experience, we’ll meet as a group to re-connect, re-focus and provide additional feedback and training.

- Other Duties as Assigned: Sometimes things come up and our Office will reach out to students that we can count on to represent us – i.e. Fraternity & Sorority Life Ambassadors.
• Candidate must be a full-time Florida Atlantic University undergraduate student who is currently an active member of a social Greek-letter organization on campus

• Candidates must have a least 2.75 cumulative grade point average at the time of application and must maintain it while serving in the capacity of a FS Life Ambassador

• Candidates must be in good standing with the University as defined in the Student Code of Conduct and with their respective organization

• Ambassadors must have good communication skills and be willing to learn and develop a working knowledge of Fraternity & Sorority Life at Florida Atlantic University
Learning Outcomes
- The Ambassador will be able to describe general differences between the four governing councils.

- The Ambassador will be able to give examples of the benefits of membership in a Greek organization at FAU.

- The Ambassador will be able to identify ways that interested students can learn more about fraternities and sororities at FAU, beyond talking with an Ambassador.

- The Ambassador will be able to appropriately respond to frequently asked questions as they pertain to joining a Greek organization (cost, grades, time management, hazing, etc.).

- The Ambassador will compare and contrast situations in which students are eligible or not eligible to join a Greek organization and for what reason(s).

- The Ambassador will recall all staff members and at least three signature programs hosted by the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

-The Ambassador will apply theories learned to encourage students to get involved on campus.
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