Advanced USABO preparation course - Part I
This program consists of 12 weeks of intensive training to prepare students for the USABO exams.

The USA Biology Olympiad is the premier biology competition in the USA. The competition begins in February with the Open Exam, which is open to every high school student. The top 600 students, based on the scores on the Open Exam, are invited to the Semifinals, and the top 20 students from the Semifinals are invited to the Finals. If a student makes the USABO Semifinals or the Finals, then he or she has a legitimate claim to be one of the top 600 or top 20 biology students in America, respectively.
The goal of the Biolympiads Training Program is to prepare highly motivated students to compete in the USA Biology Olympiad and other biology contests. The students will follow an intensive curriculum prepared by experienced biology olympiad coaches.
Duration: 12 weeks
Schedule: 2 hrs on Saturdays and 2 hrs on Sundays (4 hrs per week)
Course cost: $1400
Group size: 5-10 students
Course start date: on a rolling basis

Over the course of 12 weeks, it will cover the most important topics which come up in the USABO exams. The breakdown of topics is:

Cell Biology (30%)
Biochemistry (20%)
Genetics and Evolution (20%)
Plant Anatomy and Physiology (20%) Ecology (5%)
Ethology (5%)

Note that this course will NOT cover Human physiology and Anatomy and Zoology. These topics will be covered in another training course called "Advanced USABO preparation course - Part II". You can read about it here:

If you have any questions, contact us at

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The intensive USABO preparation course consists of 12 weeks of intensive training to prepare students for the USABO exams.
Class schedule: 2 hrs on Saturdays and 2 hrs on Sundays (4 hrs per week, 16 hrs per month, in total 3 months)
Course cost: $1200
Group size: 5-10 students

We accept the following payments:

1. Transferwise
2. PayPal


We will refund the full amount of the course fee minus the administrative fee of $70 if you want to leave the course within the first week of the program (i.e. after 2 classes). 

If during the course of the training program, you want to drop the course, we will refund the remaining money for the classes that the student cannot attend minus the administrative fee of $70. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or on Facebook:
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