Heber Downtown Plan Survey No. 2
Thank you to everyone whom took the first downtown plan survey. The below questions are a follow-up to the original survey. All questions are asked in reference to the project area outlined below in exhibit 1.
1. Do you support transforming Main Street into a more inviting corridor?
2. Are you in support of streetscape improvements along Main Street to make a more pedestrian friendly environment?
3. Which style of parking is desired for Main Street?
4. Which regulations do you support for parking within Main Street corridor? (select all that apply)
5. Do you support increasing the sidewalk width throughout the Main Street Corridor?
6. Which roadway layout or configuration do you prefer? (images below)
Alternative Transportation on Main Street
Vehicle Centric Main Street
Pedestrian Centric Main Street
7. Which style of sidewalk treatment is preferred for the Main Street Corridor?
8. Do you feel Heber City should have a unique "Brand" or "Theme" for the downtown corridor?
9. As Heber becomes a destination rooted in historical and cultural tourism, do you feel it is important to provide historical exhibits/artwork within corridor?
10. Which style of exhibits/artwork should be included within the pedestrian corridor? (select all that apply)
11. Do you support art work integration into public fixtures? (i.e. bike racks, benches, trash receptacles, etc.)
12. Do you support the addition of vegetation into the corridor? (i.e. trees, shrubs, etc.)
13. Which method of transportation should be given priority in the re-envisioned Main Street Corridor?
14. What would make you utilize alternative corridors than Main Street?
Comment - Please use the below space to provide additional comments or feedback for the Main Street corridor
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