AYF27 World Englishes; August 12-17, 2020
Please Fill out the following Application by entering the information as shown in the examples in the blanks with the Japanese text request or select the appropriate button for each question:

Application Deadline: May 1, 2020
Confirmation Deadline by Delegates First Draft: May 30, 2020
Final First Draft Delegate List on-line; June 1, 2020
Pre-payment Deadline; July 20, 2020
Prices: Vietnam Delegates (Partial Support Vietnam Sponsors) 125USD, Developing Countries 325USD, Developed Countries 375USD

August 12, 2020 Wednesday Check-in to DMZ Hotel
August 13, 2020 Thursday Opening Ceremony, Plenary Speaker, Orientation, Vietnam Country Presentation and Vietnam Language Presentation
August 14, 2020 Friday Keynote Speaker, Country Presentations, Language Presentations
August 15, 2020 Saturday Excursion Hue
August 16, 2020 Sunday Morning Breakout Review, Country Performances, Closing Ceremony, Farewell Dinner
August 17, 2020 Monday Check-out Departures
Sur Name (Enter Last Name as shown in passport; Wanner)
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Given Name (Enter First and Middle Name as shown Passport)
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Date of Birth (i.e. April 6, 1989 = 04/06/1989)
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e-mail address (i.e. cw1245@gmail.com)
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Facebook Address or other Social Address name or number (i.e. Facebook-Mary Jane Smith)
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Passport Number (i.e. AZ245987665) Not required for Indonesian Delegate Applicants
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Agree to submit Passport Scan to following e-mail address: ayf2020hue@gmail.com (Passport is necessary for all delegates outside Vietnam)
Agree to submit Portfolio Picture Scan by JPG (submitted by phone or attachment e-mail) to ayf2020hue@gmail.com. This is necessary for the handbook that will be prepared.
Please Indicate T-Shirt Size for T-shirts to be ordered:
Special Needs (Enter Special Diets or Allergy Concerns; i.e. allergic to fish)
Residence Telephone Number Applicant (i.e. Country Code (+81) Telephone Number (937850073))
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Address of Applicant: (i.e. 2-809 Kawauchi Jyutaku, 34 Motohasekura, Aoba-ku, Fukushima, 980-0765 Japan)
Emergency Contact Person/Address (Guardian Name-Frank Smith 876 NE 4th Avenue, Hillsboro, Oregon 97437, USA)
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Scholarship Applicants ENGLISH Abstract Proposals ONLY (Up to 75 Dollar Scholarships available for limited applicants before the first deadline draft pick) Write a 250 word Abstract with a title to indicate an area you are willing to present on regarding World Englishes [Essays strictly checked for plagiarism (copy and paste from another source)].
Purpose or Reason Applicant should be accepted to AYF27 [200 words minimum] (only required for non-AYF Alumni participants--enter ALUMNI and Year such as 'ayf18hue Alumni' if you are Alumni so we can check our registry).
Essay on your understanding of the meaning of World Englishes. Discuss the area you believe to be the most important within this specific area or Concern (200 words minimum, write in your own words--essays checked for plagarism [do not copy and past from other sources])(only required for non-AYF Alumni participants--enter ALUMNI and Year such as 'ayf18hue Alumni' if you are Alumni so we can check our registry).
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