New route optimization
Solving the traveling salesman problem (or rather the traveling geocacher problem) is something geocachers often want to do. And we’ve had automatic sorting for a while now, but it’s been slow and not as easy to use as it should be.

We have talked a lot internally about replacing it with a better tool, and that is exactly what we are testing now.

The old route optimization was limited to a 50 waypoints, and was slow and could often end up crashing the browser. The new one is fast, and currently support up to 80 waypoints.

WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK to help us consider if we should keep this feature or not. It comes with a lot of advantages, but also with a much higher price.

Please only answer if you know what route optimization is
Route optimization is not the same as route generation. We are testing a new tool on the "Sort/prioritize waypoints" page. It is this tool we want you to evaluate. Not the route generation on the trip itself.

Please only submit this survey if you have actually tried the new route optimization.

Please also keep in mind that we've only changed the optimization process itself. The interface for selecting caches to optimize is the exact same as it was before.

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Do you like the new route optimization? *
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