Sun Prairie Soccer Club (SPSC)Financial Aid Application
SPSC has established a program for which players/parents can apply to receive a scholarship for part of the player’s
registration fees. Scholarships are awarded based upon the financial needs of the applicant, availability of funds in the
scholarship program and approval by the SPSC Board of Directors based upon its established criteria. The program is open to all registered players/parents who meet the financial criteria, and are able to provide SPSC Board of Directors with a complete and accurate application and supporting documentation.

SPSC Board of Directors has determined that eligibility for financial aid will be based upon the eligibility and acceptance into the free or reduced price meals program in the player’s school district.
My Child Receives: Free* or Reduced Lunch at his/her school** Financial Hardship***
* If your child receives FREE lunch, the registration fee is $30. A letter from your school stating you are on the free lunch
program must be provided.
** If your child receives REDUCED lunch, the registration fee is 50% of the registration fee. A letter from your school stating
you are on the reduced lunch program must be provided.
*** If your child is not on the free or reduced lunch program at their school and you are seeking a scholarship based on
shortterm or extenuating financial hardship circumstances, please attach a written statement explaining the nature of the
hardship along with 50% of the registration fee.
ALL fees must be sent in when applying for a scholarship. If you checked the Free lunch box, please send in $30. For Reduced lunch or Financial Hardship scholarships please see the attached registration form to determine the 50% registration fee due for your child’s age group.

1. Requests for financial aid must come from the player’s parents or legal guardian. Players requesting financial aid
must be playing U6 to U19 level soccer.
2. Eligibility is based upon the following criteria: a. A player must have acceptance into his/her school’s free or reduced
lunch program. b. No financial information is required, providing the player’s parents/guardians submit a copy of a letter
that confirms acceptance into the free or reduced lunch program at the player’s school.
3. All other financial hardship requests must be submitted in writing to the SPSC Board of Directors.
4. A player’s family may receive financial aid twice per year (fall and spring seasons). The player/parents are responsible
for the non-refundable tryout fee deposit (if applicable). Any financial aid given is to be applied to the upcoming season
registration and coaching fees. All in-house players need to apply for financial assistance each season (fall and spring).
5. Applicants will receive acceptance or denial by written notification by SPSC Board of Directors.
6. Acceptance into the SPSC financial aid program does not guarantee full payment of a player’s registration fees. The
SPSC has established a limited fund to assist players. Fee assistance award amounts will be based on the number of
applicants and available funds.
7. The review policy for the SPSC Board of Directors is as follows: a. The SPSC Board members will follow the guidelines
outlined by the scholarship program. b. The SPSC Board members may not participate in a review or lobby for any
player that is or could potentially be rostered on their team.
8. All financial aid requests will be held in the strictest of confidence by the SPSC Board of Directors.
9. Financial aid awards must meet with the approval of the SPSC Board of Directors. SPSC Board of Directors must
receive all financial aid applications by August 15th for fall season and March 1st for spring season. Any applications
received after the deadline will be considered in the order in which they are received, and only if scholarship funds are
available. Financial aid requests must be submitted prior to each soccer season (spring & fall), if applicable.
10. Financial aid recipients agree to the additional financial commitment of competitive traveling soccer (if applicable),
including but not limited to, practices, tournaments, uniforms and travel expenses.
11. Please complete the registration information on the subsequent pages.
12. All completed financial aid applications should be submitted via email to

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