Internship with Corpcomm Pvt Ltd
This is for the 1st time that we are going to hire interns, and not sure when we are going to do it next or never do it again. 

So you are someone who are looking to jump in the marketing industry or learn more about business or entrepreneurship and how big 7-8 fig business work, then this opportunity is for you. 

You will be paid according to the quality of work you do and also you will be awarded with certificate from a government registered company and letter of recommendation if required once the internship is done.

Also you will be able to have access to my multiple lakhs worth of courses and data's. 

What to expect after the internship?
  • Stipends (Ranging from 2000 - 30000)
  • Goodies 
  • Courses worth lakhs 
  • Network with the real business owners
  • Certificates
  • Recommendations if needed
  • A placement in our company.
Kind of Internship: Work From Home and In House depending on the role.

Preference would be given to young students till 24yrs. Other age categories can also apply.

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