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Indoor Protocols
Everyone who participates in person for an event held at the Church in San Jose Meeting Hall should follow CDC Covid protocols, such as wearing masks, sanitizing/washing hands frequently, and practicing social distancing.

In addition there should be at least one primary contact person who is responsible for ensuring that the participating saints are adhering to the protocols listed below.

Scheduling an Event

1.1 Provide the preferred day and time of the event along with the list of names who will be attending.

1.2 The day and time will be confirmed directly with you as to whether there is availability, and if not other dates and times will be provided.

Participant Restrictions

2.1 There will be a limit to one event per weekend in order to avoid any inadvertent large group gatherings.

2.2 There is a limit of 20 saints. All attendees will need to follow social distancing protocols and masks are required to be worn at all times.

2.3 Events can be live streamed or recorded for broadcast at a later time.

Meeting Hall Use Restrictions

3.1 For the event, saints will be limited to entering the hall through the garage, and will only have use of the front bathroom and the Chinese Speaking meeting room. All other areas of the meeting hall are off limits to the participating saints.

3.2 For baptisms:

3.2.1 As much as possible limit a single person to perform the baptism. The ones performing the baptism should wear masks unless they and the one being baptized are all from the same household.  If not from the same household, those performing the  baptism should wear masks, while the one being baptized would not wear a mask for obvious reasons.

3.2.2 The bathroom closest to the main entrance should be used by the one being baptized to change clothes. The bathroom should only be used for changing purposes. It should be cleaned following its use.

3.2.3 Those who are performing the baptism should be dressed prior to entering into the hall in clothing that is appropriate to perform the baptism.

3.2.4 Personal change of clothes & personal towels (minimum of at least 3) would be needed for those entering the baptismal.

3.2.5 If a previous baptism was performed less than 5 days before, if the saints would like to take additional precautions, they can decide to use a mop to sanitize the baptismal prior to use.

3.3 For small group gatherings:

3.3.1 Spread out the chairs in the meeting area to ensure there is sufficient social distancing between the attendees.

3.3.2 No meals will be permitted in the meeting area.

3.3 All participating saints should find parking on the street as parking availability in the garage is limited.


4.1 Designate specific attendees to take care of preparing the water, making sure the baptismal is clean following its use – disinfectants / cleaning supplies to be provided.

4.2 Upon departure, attendees should wipe down all door knobs and any other common areas where their hands touched the surfaces (touch points).

4.3 Return the baptismal cover after use and drain the water. Wipe down the faucet drain handles. There is no need to use a sanitizer mop to clean the baptismal surfaces after use.


5.1 Limit the entry into the meeting hall to one door. As we have saints living at the hall, someone should be assigned to guard the door the entire time it is open.

5.2 At the end of the event, the responsible person should ensure that every door is closed and that no one can gain access to the meeting hall.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact any of the brothers serving in the eldership in San Jose.

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Meeting Hall Protocol Acknowledgment
Please acknowledge that you understand the listed protocols above related to hosting an event at the Church in San Jose Meeting Hall. While we are still in a pandemic it is important that all the protocols are followed and reviewed by all those who will be attending the event.
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