Have you experienced sexual harassment - whether on the street, online, or at work or school?
The #ChangeHerStory campaign is documenting stories of sexual harassment in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Whether the incident was minor or serious, in person or online, your stories can help show the extent of the problem and how sexual harassment affects people in our community. Say as little or as much as you like. Not all questions need to be answered. Anyone in the Highlands and Islands is welcome to contribute.

While every person and story is different, we understand that it can take a lot of courage to speak out. To protect survivors, all entries will be anonymous and any identifying information will be removed. Only first-hand accounts will be published so that survivors have a say in how and when their story is told.

These anonymous stories will be shared on social media and the website as part of the #ChangeHerStory campaign to end sexual violence, taking place from 25 Nov - 10 Dec. More information can be found on www.changeherstory.co.uk.

If you have experienced sexual violence of any form and would like support, please contact the Rape Crisis Scotland support line via 08088 01 03 02 - open every day from 6pm till midnight.
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Sexual Harassment Survey
If you have time, we would appreciate your input in our short survey. This information will help us show the extent of sexual harassment in the Highlands and Islands.
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Sexual harassment
Sexual harassment is unwanted or inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature. It can take many different forms and can happen anywhere: on the street, online, or at work/school. Examples of sexual harassment include cat-calling, jokes of a sexual nature, invasion of space, leering, persistent sexual advances, unwanted touching, stalking, indecent exposure, or sharing nudes without someone's consent.
Prior to lockdown (March 2020), how frequently did you experience sexual harassment?
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Legal disclaimer
Once stories are submitted, they will be made public and can be seen by anyone. We will therefore only post first-hand accounts and redact identifiers. This is to reduce the chances of you being recognised, maintain your anonymity, prevent your story from being used against you in any current or future legal proceedings, and protect us and you from accusations of slander. We believe that survivors should have agency over their stories. If at any time you would like to remove your story from the campaign, please get in touch via our website www.changeherstory.co.uk
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