Face Shield Defect Report
Broken tabs? Stuck the foam on the wrong side? No worries - help us track which shields have a problem, and which kits are affected, and we'll take it from there.

Please fill out this form for ONE broken shield at a time to help us keep track of the number of spoilage.

Thank you!
Name *
County *
Serial number of defective face shield *
Please indicate the serial number for ONE defective shield not the total number of defective shields.
Serial number range of kit *
What serial numbers does your kit contain?
Please indicate the type of defect being reported. *
Details of the defect *
(e.g., missing head band, misplaced serial number label, etc.)
New serial number range of kit EXCLUDING the defective shield *
Using a Sharpie, please cross out the old range on the kit and rewrite the new range.
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