"Wild Wisdom: a Journey in (re)Connection" - iWEEK Summer Training 2019

Dear you,

Great you got as far to check out this registration form! Before filling in this form, let us inform you on some practical details first, so you'll be left with no doubts at all to just go for it! ;)

The iWEEK is a full-week, residential training taking place in Ecovillage Ppauw in Wageningen and is organised by OtherWise Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation connected to the University of Wageningen. Find out more about us here: www.otherwisewageningen.nl.

This training week is meant for students and recent graduates between 18 and 32 years old, who are looking for a chance to balance the predominantly rational and individualistic (university) life with a more embodied, emphatic and communal way of knowing, relating and being. More

The iWEEK journey starts on Saturday the 6th of July at 12.00 and ends on Sunday the 14th of July at 15.00. We will be spending most of our time outdoors, and will be sleeping in tents (or hammocks and tarps for the even more adventurous types amongst you).

We apply two different participation fees for this training:
- students: €160
- non-student (regular): €315
Contact us if you really want to join but money is an an issue for you.

This fee covers:

- A full week of training with professional coaches/trainers
- Vegetarian, organic - and mostly local - food and drinks from dawn to sunset
- Accommodation and use of facilities in Ecovillage Ppauw

To get a more up-close idea of this year's iWEEK you can have a glance at the program from last year: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tBfV9Z3tj0wxk2fcTitUPhuabH5AV_Uy0An9oVt1wRQ/edit?usp=sharing
Soon we will share with you the program for 2019 with some little adjustments and improvements in workshops and themes. This and other updates, you can follow via the FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2150633775251593/ and our website.

The deadline to subscribe is Friday, 31st of May, 00:00. A maximum of 20 participants can join. We will see if there is a need to make a selection, based on criteria like gender, age, educational background, and of course motivation, when more than 20 people sign up. Important to note, we will keep the personal information you share as private.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via otherwise@wur.nl.

We are excited to welcome you to the 2019 iWEEK!

In (re)connection,

Mali, Louise and Lian
OtherWise Foundation Wageningen

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