Emotional Health
This is a short survey to get a feel for where you are at emotionally. Emotional health is becoming more and more a concern in today's society especially when facing stress, crossing cultural boundaries and experiencing change. Poor emotional health can sidetrack a team and undermine what God wants to do in and through us. It is our desire to grow in understanding so that we can serve together physically, spiritually and emotionally.
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How are you at handling stress and change? Please Explain. *
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Have you ever experienced trauma or abuse of any kind? *
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Have you ever seriously considered suicide? *
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Have you struggled with self harm?
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Are you on any medications related to mental health? If yes, please list them and explain what they are for. *
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Your answers will be kept confidential. We appreciate your honesty. Based on answers you/we may need to have some follow-up conversations. Is there anything more you would like to add? *
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