Irresistibull Staffords Adoption Application
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Do you understand that you are not guaranteed a puppy upon completion of this form that there is a full interview and reference check process before we approve a home for a puppy? * *
In which type of area is your home located? * *
If you live in an apartment, can you provide paperwork from your landlord saying the breed is allowed?
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Do you own your own home or rent? *
Do you understand that you cannot let your dog outdoors unleashed and unattended at ANY time? *
Who all lives in your home? *
What other pets or animals do you have in your home or own? * *
Do you want an American Staffordshire Terrier (AmStaff) or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Stafford)? *
ONLY ANSWER for AmStaffs: Do you prefer cropped or natural?
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Why did you choose this breed? *
Have you ever owned a dog as an adult? *
Have you ever returned a dog? If so, why? *
Does anyone in your home have known allergies to animals? *
Tell us about the previous animals you've had in your home that have passed or you no longer have. * *
Are you a member of any dog or dog sport clubs or a Kennel Club? If so, please note the name of the club under "other" *
Have you looked into the local dog laws for your area? Can you provide copies of them? *
Tell us about how your life will look day to day with your puppy if you got one.
Do you understand that this puppy is a life time commitment and that they may live for up to or more than 15 years?
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Do you understand that at any point if you can no longer keep your puppy from our kennel that you will be legally obligated to return that puppy to us no matter the age to find a new home?
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Do you agree to wait until your puppy is at least 18 months old before spaying or neutering them?
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What attributes are you looking for in your puppy?
What are your goals for your future puppy? Check all that apply.
What are your plans for training your puppy going forward?
What has made you choose our kennel to look to get a puppy from?
Do you have a vet clinic in mind to use for your future puppy? Why did you choose them?
Tell us why you would be a great home for one of our puppies.
Describe what dominance behaviors look like and how you stop them. *
Would you be interested in having your dog shown or showing your dog? *
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