CAMP Intake Questionnaire
Thanks for your interest in the Camp Advisory & Mentorship Program (CAMP) created by the Camp Support Council.

This program is for camps that wish to be paired with an experienced advisor to work on improving specific aspects of their camp. Camps who are accepted into this program will be paired with one Advisor from the Camp Advisory & Mentorship Program. While it is required that your camp provide one main contact person, the Advisor will work with your camp’s leadership team collectively.

What it is not:
- This program is not for "quickie questions" (if you have one, close this form and email the Camp Support Help Desk directly at
- This program is not for individual coaching of a particular leader or camp member.
- This program does not guarantee you Placement on the playa or give you any special privileges with regard to the Placement Team or process.

There is no deadline for this form, but please fill it out as soon as possible so we can get you matched up with a great advisor.

Fields with red asterisks “*” are mandatory and must be filled out.
You cannot stop and save midway, so please be prepared to fill out and provide all information. Thanks!
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