2023 OCP Lift Application
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We ask that each team have two project leads
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If selected for Lift, do you commit, to the best of your ability, to lead this project for the full duration of the program (August 2023 - February 2025)? *
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If selected for Lift, do you commit, to the best of your ability, to lead this project for the full duration of the program (August 2023 - February 2025)?
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Project impact and plan
1. What is the problem that you are seeking to address through Lift?

Please provide a one sentence statement on the problem. Then, please specify how this problem is linked to procurement.

2. Please state your project goal.  *

Please explain the measurable impact that you want to see by the end of the 18-month Lift program. 

3. How will your team achieve your project goal? *
Please provide an overview of your proposed solution, and explain the concrete outputs you anticipate to achieve during the Lift program. 
4. How will you define and measure your progress using data?  *
Please describe what key metrics you plan to use to know if your efforts are making a difference, and what datasets you will use. Please indicate if your team is currently able to calculate baselines for these metrics, or if more work needs to be done to gather and analyze your data. Note: You do not need to have OCDS data to apply.
5. How will Lift help you achieve your project goals? *
Please describe how Lift will make a difference for your project success.
6. Why is now the right time for your Lift project?
Please describe why now is the right moment for us to work with you through Lift. If relevant, please include any other initiatives already in place or upcoming opportunities that might support your progress.
Your Power to Make Change
7. Who from leadership in your or other agencies/organizations is advocating most strongly for your project? *
Please describe how you will maintain and build on their support to have the power to implement your project, and how you will broaden that support to include more changemakers.
8. Who from your or other agencies/organizations might oppose your project or are not yet fully bought in? *
In your answer, please explain why their involvement is important.
9. What, if any, current policies, processes, or other developments might inhibit your progress? *

Please describe these policies, laws or processes, and if changing them is within your core team’s power.

Your Capacity

10. Do you have any financial resources to support this particular project, such a program budget or donor support? *
11. Who is on your core team, and what roles will they have in your reform project? *

We require the team to include at least 4 members from key agencies or organizations. We strongly encourage teams to represent a minimum of two agencies/organizations, and come from across sectors, such as government, non-profit, academia, media or business. We are looking for diverse teams that bring together different skill sets, backgrounds, and genders, to deliver the best projects. In addition, we know that reform teams are strongest when they have these roles:

  • Two Team Leads who have the authority and capacity to coordinate the team and who will serve as the main points of contact and manage the day-to-day project implementation for the duration of the Lift program; If the team is cross-departmental or cross-organizational, we expect that each department or organization would have a designated lead. 
  • Relationship Manager, who is skilled at navigating bureaucracy and building political buy-in.
  • Procurement Expert, who has deep knowledge of the procurement system.
  • Data Expert, who understands data analysis and can calculate baseline indicators, and if needed, who will oversee technical implementation work.
Please list between 4-8 core team members who will fill these roles. Note: One person can fill multiple roles. For example, the Data Expert may also be a Team Lead. Please include name, title, role (if applicable) and why they are on the team.

12. How is your team and project supporting fair and inclusive project design and outcomes?
We are particularly interested in how you are thinking about sharing project-planning and decision-making power with the stakeholders that the project aims to benefit, as well as how you will involve these project beneficiaries throughout the project. Please describe who your beneficiaries and key stakeholders are, how they might be part of your project team or how you will include them throughout the project design and implementation.
Thank you for your interest in Lift. We’d love to keep you informed about the latest in open contracting. Let us know if you would like to stay in touch with OCP and receive our newsletter.
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