Petoskey Community Garden Application 2021
The Petoskey Community garden is run through the non-profit Farming for Our Future

Welcome to the Petoskey Community Garden

- The first garden meeting/clean up will be: TBD
Plots will be assigned starting on that date.

- Garden plots are intended for organic vegetable/fruit gardening ONLY. Pest control or fertilizers must be organically certified ONLY. Seeds must be non-GMO. If you not sure about a product or method, please ask.
The garden area is always open. Please use common sense when picking your tending times. Safety first.

Take a look around each time you visit the garden and take some time to weed common areas, pick up rocks, use only designated disposal sites.

Equipment in the shed is for everyone’s use. The combination is 17-23-33. If you use something, clean it before putting it away. Garden management will take care of the gas for the tiller.

Family members are welcome! Children are a delight and are welcome at the garden under the supervision of a parent, grandparent, or other responsible adult.

Please turn on the water only when you are using it and shut it off when you are done.

Harvest only from your own plot. This should go without saying, but here we are. If you take what does not belong to you, you will be expelled from the garden immediately without return of your fees.

Please harvest regularly. If you have an excess, consider the food pantry as a perfect place for your lovingly grown produce.

If you had a plot last year and are requesting the same plot, you can send your check. If you are new to the garden, please wait to pay until after the first garden meeting so we can assess if there are additional available plots.

Checks can be made out to...
Farming for Our Future
P.O. Box 857
Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Any questions should be directed to Blayne Bott at 231-758-9822 or email at
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Have you had a Community Garden plot in the past? *
If you have had a plot in the past, what plot number did you have, and would you like the same plot?
I have read the rules for the garden and understand that these rules ensure a positive experience for everyone participating. I agree to follow these rules and understand that failure to do so may result in the loss of the plot I have been assigned and forfeiture of my registration fee. *
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