2018 FLSPOTA Feedback
We want to hear your feedback and ideas for improving the FLSPOTA event!
Please enter your callsign. *
Did you operate FLSPOTA from a FL State Park, or as a home station?
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Did you operate one day, or both days?
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What was your impression of the current band conditions while operating?
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Which bands did you operate?
What modes did you operate?
What power level were you using?
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Should the number of activated parks count as a multiplier for State Park Activators next year?
The scoring for park activators would be calculated as: (# of activated parks) + (# of QSOs with other parks) x (total # of QSOs) + (bonus points) = Final Score
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What bands and/or modes would you like to see added to the event?
If you were an activator, was it your first time visiting that park?
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How far did you travel to activate a park?
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Any comments about your interaction with park staff?
What was your overall impression of FLSPOTA, and how would you make the event better next year?
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