2020 GreenFest Fashion Show Sign-Up
Do you thrift your clothes? Do you customize your clothes? Do you have your own clothing line? Do you make clothing out of untraditional items? If yes to any of the questions or youre interested in doing so, YOU'RE AWESOME and please continue reading!

GreenFest is a week long campaign that brings together a combination of sustainable, social, cultural, recreational, and educational events within the campus community that encourage, advocate for, and celebrate sustainability, diversity and SDSU Pride.

The GreenFest fashion show will take place on March 11, 2020 at 6pm in Montezuma Hall.

Teams/ Individual students, staff, and/or faculty will strut down the catwalk as they compete in a series of categories that show off outfits they have styled/created out of recycled materials, thrifted clothing, or original student lines for the audience to decide the winner.

Below are the categories to sign up for:

- Anything But: Design a wearable item or whole outfit of anything but typical clothing material. (Must cover appropriate areas and not be see through) Use cardboard, grocery bags, food containers, bubble wrap, anything that normally be discarded

- Reduce, Reuse, ReStyle: Styling competition based on clothing found at Thrift Shops or Clothing Swaps

- ECOture: Student made clothing lines

Winners will receive a $50 gift card to a local thrift store! 1 winner per category.
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