Order of the List: Tournament Sanction Request
In order to get Order of the List Sanctioning event holders must fill out this form to the best of their knowledge. The Order of the List sanctions events based on the history of quality of the event and event holders and the size and purview of the tournament. We also try to consider diversity among event holding staffs when possible. We will make our best effort to contact you with our decision as soon as we are able.

To even be considered for sanctioning this form must be completed no later than 2 weeks before the event and the event and tournaments must both meet the requirements to be a legal Realms event, as well as the minimum requirements for the Order of the List; at least 8 participants per tournament, and the event must run at least the 5 basic tournaments. Please contact a member of the Order of the List if your event makes any deviations from this standard, the order will review any variances on a case by case basis to determine if points can still be awarded.

For more information visit orderofthelist.com or email us at orderofthelist@gmail.com

Event Name
Your answer
Event Holders
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Event Date
Tournament Event Days
The number of days that you will be planning on running tournaments on
Numbers of Tournaments
The total number of Order of the List approved tournaments you plan on running over the course of the event
Armor Format
How you plan on running the tournaments
Bracket Format
How you plan on bracketing the tournaments
Round Format
How do you plan to run each round of the tournament (the individual fights)
Estimated Number of Participants
As best as you can guess, what will be the number of participants in the tournaments
Outline of Event
Please include below an outline of how you plan on running the tournaments, including the which tournaments, which days you plan on running tournaments and time-frame in which the tournaments are run
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Marshal Request
Would you like to request Order of the List marshals for your event
Do you plan on running any non-approved tournaments that you would like to be considered for Order of the List points at your event?
If so, please describe them below
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Please include the name and contact information of the person who is in charge of handling tournament results and reporting them to the Order of the List
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