FA20 Academic Textbook Order Agreement Form (Submission deadline is by midnight on 9/11 ) *For BUS284, COM211, HIS101, and JPN101 only*
It's time to get ready for the Fall 2020 semester!

As LUJ's fall term continues online, the students who have registered for BUS284, COM211, HIS101 and JPN101 will receive their textbooks via postal mail upon submitting this order agreement form. Please note once you submit the form, no exchanges or returns will be accepted. This means you should only complete and submit this form once you are confident in your fall class schedule (meaning you will not add/drop courses during the first week).


If you are confident in your current fall schedule, please follow the instructions below and submit the agreement form by midnight on 9/11 (Fri.). Again, once you submit the form you will not be able to change again. (You are required to sign in to your Google account.)

If you are NOT confident in your fall schedule yet (i.e. You may add/drop a class in the first week, etc.), you should NOT complete the form until you confirm your schedule and courses.


Step 1) Begin filling in the online form below. Be careful when selecting the textbooks you wish to order, as your textbook invoice will be based on this agreement form. You are not charged any postage fees.

Step 2) Submit this form by midnight on 9/11 (Fri.). Please meet the deadline.

Textbooks will be sent to your preferred address during the second week of the semester. If you have any questions, please contact Yuko at takamatsu@japan.lakeland.edu

Thank you for your cooperation!
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*Please carefully mark the check box below for book title you would like to order. Since this is the final order agreement, please note once you submit this form, no exchanges or returns will be accepted.
Please provide ZIP code of your mailing address in Japan (e.g. 160-0022) *
You will receive the book(s) you order here by post during the 2nd week of the semester. Please provide the address including ZIP code in Japan where you can receive books. Please provide the room number if applicable.
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Please provide the address in JAPANESE where you can receive books. Please provide the room number if applicable.
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Please provide the telephone number for the delivery person to reach you if needed.
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