CSHA Trail Trials Information Source & Online Membership Registration
This online form is for prospective, new and returning members of CSHA Trail Trials or anyone wanting to learn more about California State Horsemen's Association Trail Trials.

Informational links are provided to websites about Trail Trials, the California State Horseman's Association (CSHA) https://californiastatehorsemen.org/, and several CSHA member clubs (several but not all CSHA Member clubs are listed in this tool).

If you live in a Region that has an active Trail Trials program, you may fill out this form and you will be introduced to the Trail Trials chairperson of your CSHA region. On the other hand, If you live in a county that does not have an active CSHA Trail Trails group, you have the option to join any active CSHA Trail Trials program in CSHA Trail Trials.

We want to help all prospective Trail Trials participants - regardless of location - feel welcome and find their way into our sport. You may also find useful information at: https://californiastatehorsemen.org/programs/trail-trials/

If you are not sure if you are ready to join and simply need more information about Trail Trials, or you need help finding your local Trail Trials program anywhere in California, please fill out and submit this registration survey (you will not be charged while using this form). Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate Chairperson or one of our State Committee members who will contact you and answer your questions.

If you are ready to join a region program, you will be contacted for how to complete the local registration and pay applicable program fees which may differ by region.

This online tool is provided in survey form for your convenience. This survey is monitored by State Committee and Region Chair member Andrew Turnbull (his contact information is listed on http://www.trailtrials.com/webdoc2.html) who resides in the Central Area of California.

CSHA Trail Trials Information and Registration
California State Horsemen's Association (CSHA) Trail Trials welcomes horse and rider teams of all ages, breeds, and other equine disciplines and sports who would like to simply try or regularly participate in our awesome competitive equine sport on the open trail.

Trail Trial members enjoy competing as well as making friends on the trail or during our overnight camps with fellow Trail Trials competitors throughout California and Nevada (or from anywhere else since the the CSHA has no geographical restrictions for membership).

Whether you live in county that has an active CSHA Trail Trials group or one that doesn't, we hope you find this online tool informative. By filling out this form, we are pleased to refer you to the nearest Trail Trials chairperson in your county or regional area.

All interested trail riders who are considering trying Trail Trials are welcome to use the informational links to several websites providing details about Trail Trials, the California Horseman's Association (CSHA), and CSHA member clubs.

No fees will be collected while filling out this form. Membership is not required to compete in a Trail Trial, but most horse & rider teams choose to join region programs and the CSHA to fully enjoy all the benefits of our sport.

Competing in a CSHA Trail Trial consists of the combination of one horse and one rider, and that same horse and rider make up your Trail Trials team. If you join and decide to compete with multiple horses during the season, you would register each team individually.

Please answer all required questions (those noted with a red asterisk) to complete this form. Once you have completed this form, a "submit" button will be provided. Notification will be provided that you are finished with this Information and Registration survey. Within a few days, you will receive an email from a member of our State Committee and Region Chairs leadership group.
Trail Trials Members enjoy Making Friends even with their Competitors
Trail Trials Competitors get together after a Trail Trial Awards Ceremony
Bret (& Dakota), Jackie, Lynn, Heather, Susan, Rene', Ellen, and Rae pose for a post awards presentation photo op.
Many Regions Have Annual Regional Awards Programs
As a member of Trail Trials and CSHA, your horse & rider member team may accumulate points toward a year end Regional Awards program each time your team competes and successfully completes a sanctioned Trail Trial event.

Each Trail Trials regional group throughout California has its own unique awards program.

The success of Trail Trials throughout the state is completely dependent on volunteers, so all riders who compete at the State Championship Event (SCE) - and members of most regional awards programs - volunteer by helping at Trail Trial events and fundraisers. We actually have a great deal of fun volunteering and many members chose to do more than the minimum.

To qualify for the annual State Championship Event (SCE), the rider must be registered in a Region Trail Trial Program, be a member of CSHA, the qualifying team must complete (3) sanctioned Trail Trials, and as of 2017, there is a one day volunteering requirement to qualify for SCE.

To learn more about CSHA Trail Trials and access the Calendar schedule of events, the current year rule book, forms, the listing of recent SCE winners, or to contact Trail Trial state officers and region chairpersons, the following webpage includes links to several Trail Trials webpages: https://californiastatehorsemen.org/programs/trail-trials/

A Trail Sport for Friends and Family
Junior team Lyla & Princess (left) along with Competing Companion Rider Cyndi & Chance are the "Drag Riders"
Companion Adults may either Compete or simply ride along with a Junior Trail Trial Team
Junior team Lyla & Princess along with adult companion rider and competitive team Cyndi & Chance are shown above returning from their roles as Drag Riders - the last teams to ride out on the course who collect (and sometimes wear) the Trail marker ribbons.
Junior Members are Especially Welcome!
All Trail Trials groups are especially welcoming to Junior members who are 17 years of age or younger. Some regional programs may lower or waive fees for competing Junior teams to encourage youth trail riders to come enjoy our sport. Fees are typically reduced for Junior teams at the State Championship Event. There are only four rule differences for Junior Rider Teams:

1.) At all CSHA Trail Trials an ASTM/SEI certified equestrian helmet is required for all riders under the age of 18 when they are mounted;

2.) Any person under eighteen [18] years must have written consent of a parent or guardian in order to participate in Trail Trials and all Junior riders must be accompanied by an adult Companion Rider throughout the trail ride on every obstacle. The adult team may choose to ride as a competing team in their own age group and category, or simply ride along on the Trail as a "Companion Rider;"

3.) Though adult competing riders are required to carry a knife capable of cutting a lead rope or tack, Junior riders 17 and under shall not be asked to carry or use a knife. This does not mean the Junior cannot carry a knife, it just means they are not required to carry one and will not be asked to use one; and, finally,

4.) While adult teams that have placed first or second place at the State Championship Event for more than two (2) years in the novice or intermediate divisions must move up to the next higher level, junior teams 13 & under may continue to compete in either the novice or intermediate divisions and are not required to move up unless approved by a parent.

Other than these rule differences, Junior Riders get the same Trail Trails experience as the Adults. To complete their Judging volunteer requirement, Junior Riders are given roles as readers or obstacle helpers and are not asked to participate in making judging decisions on obstacles.
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Three State Champion Trail Trials Horses
State Champion Trail Trials Horses wearing their ribbons
Trail Trial horses, mules, and ponies often enjoy the trail rides and like executing the obstacles during competition as much as their riders do.
The Horse, Mule or Pony Member of Your Trail Trial Team
We need to know about the equine member of your Trail Trial team. If your equine team member has multiple names (barn name, registered name, or other name) please use the name that you would want listed on a belt buckle or award should your team win one.

Mules and Ponies have been very successful in Trial Trials and all horse breeds are welcome.

If you do not know yet which horse you will compete with on your Trail Trials team, these optional registration questions may be left blank.
Please enter the Horse's, Mule's or Pony's Name as you would want it listed on a buckle or award:
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What is the Horse's Breed?:
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What Color is the Horse member of the team?:
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Your Membership in the California State Horsemen's Association, Incorporated (CSHA)
CSHA Membership is required to participate in a CSHA program including Trail Trials. You can participate as a Senior Member, Family Member, Life Member, or as an Indirect Member through your membership in a CSHA member club. Information about the California State Horseman's Association is available at: https://californiastatehorsemen.org/ and membership fees may now be paid online at https://californiastatehorsemen.org/all-application-forms/purchase-memberships-online/

If you are already a member of an active CSHA Member club, you are already a CSHA indirect member. Links to several CSHA Member Club websites are provided below for more information. Please check with the membership chair of the club to ensure that the Club is a member-Club in good standing with CSHA.

The Bylaws of CSHA outline the difference between the rights of a Direct Member and an Indirect member. For more on the CSHA Bylaws, visit https://californiastatehorsemen.org/information/rulebook/bylaws/
Are You a Member of any of the following CSHA Member Clubs? (check all that apply): *
Are You a Direct Member of CSHA? *
Category and Age Group of the Horse and Rider Team:
Based upon your horse and rider team's capabilities, you may choose to ride in the Novice, Intermediate, Advanced or Schooling category.

Each ride year/season ends with the State Championship Event (SCE) in September and the new ride year typically begins soon after SCE in October, is usually followed by a break during the winter, and most Trail Trials a presented between April and September. The ride year calendar is available at www.trailtrials.com. Click on http://www.trailtrials.com/webdoc1.html

Your age on January 1st of the current Trail Trials ride year determines whether you will compete in the Junior (17 and under) division, 18-49, 50-59, or 60 and over division.
Junior Riders enjoy Trail Trials
Junior Trail Trials Winners at the State Championship Event (SCE) Award Ceremony
Riders of all ages enjoy participating in Trial Trials and making friends throughout the state.
Competing in Trail Trials: In which skill level Category will your team compete during the ride year? *
Competing in Trail Trials: In which Age Group will your team compete during this ride year (based upon the Rider's age as of January 1st)? *
Would you be interested in Trail Trials training or clinics?
Trial Trials members have access to multiple trainers who have coached some of their horse and rider students to win regional and state level belt buckles in Trail Trials, and have helped less experienced teams increase their confidence on the trail and enhance their understanding and enjoyment of our open trail sport. If you would be interested in learning more about individual lessons, group lessons, clinics or places to practice Trail Trials obstacles, please select your preferences below.
For more information about individual, group or clinic style Trail Trials training opportunities and places to practice obstacles, check all that apply:
Joining a Trail Trials Regional Program
CSHA is a registered Non-Profit 501-C3 in the State of California and all Trail Trials officers and chairs provide their services as volunteers. A nominal annual membership fee is charged to each member of a Regional Trail Trials program to fund activities of the group. Each Regional group has its own fees.
Are you Ready to Join or Simply Need more Information? *
I am interested in being contacted by a Trail Trials Program Chair to discuss my participation in Trail Trials and get my questions answered (check all that apply):
Friends Ellen and Candice take First and Second at the 2015 State Championship Event
Trail Trials: for fellowship, enjoyment of our sport, and the pursuit of Trail Trials excellence!
Fellow competitors and friends Ellen and Candice enjoy a moment following winning Champion and Reserve Champion belt buckles and ribbons at the State Championship Event (SCE).
Thank you for your Interest in Trail Trials
Thank you for filling out this registration form. Once you click on the submit button below, your team information will be submitted to a CSHA Trail Trials committee member who will route your information to the right person. You will be notified by email to confirm receipt of your responses to this form. If appropriate, you will be referred to the active CSHA Trail Trials program in your county.

If you have not yet answered one or more of the required questions, you will be prompted to finish the unanswered required questions. Go ahead and hit the submit button below:
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