Short Term Missions Funds Assistance Application
***PLEASE READ: This form is designed to help you state your need for assistance in raising funds for your short term mission trip this calendar year. Please state your need clearly. The disbursement of funds to individuals and the amount given will be at the discretion of Pauline's Missions Committee as the Lord provides and is intended to be partial assistance in covering the cost for Pauline Members of going on a mission trip. It's the Committee's desire to help enable people to fulfill the Great Commission and is meant to be an encouragement on behalf of the church. The funds are NOT intended to pay for the whole amount of your trip, so we encourage you to be intentional about how you raise/pay for the remaining cost of your trip. If you are able to cover the whole amount of your trip, we encourage you to allow others to apply for the available funds by not applying for assistance. You may choose to continue to fund raise for others on your team if you felt led to do so. Please feel free to visit with any of the Missions Committee regarding your application.***
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The Missions Committee's goal is to encourage our members to GO on short term missions. Scholarships will be given out based on individual need and as funds are available. *
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