Application for Funding from the Decentralization Foundation (v1.1)
Use this form to apply for funding from the Decentralization Foundation.  The foundation supports community groups, educational courses, and research projects which expand the utility, understanding,  and adoption of decentralized technologies.   At present, we are only accepting applications for funding for community groups and educational courses.
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Criteria for selection
Community: We prefer groups that have a history of holding events or doing activities that promote understanding  and adoption of decentralized technology or decentralized governance. We prefer to fund groups which are willing to discuss the limitations as well as the benefits of decentralized tech. We prefer groups which allow the public to attend, ideally free of charge. We will support community groups and events  focused on basic decentralized technology, as well as organizations and events focused on systems such as cryptocurrencies or distributed file storage systems. We are happy to support documentation projects.

Education: We prefer to support courses which will have classes at regular intervals (say one or more times a week) and which meet at least six times. We prefer instructors who have experience teaching and/or expertise in decentralized tech. We are also happy to support courses which introduce the potential and limitations of decentralized technology to newcomers.  Regarding topics, we support development and teaching of courses on important decentralized technologies including blockchains and blockchain alternatives, cryptographic building blocks, economics and mechanism design, and autonomous institutions. See for more details.

The foundation also supports scientific projects; send us an email at if you're interested in these areas. Even though funding for scientific research is possible, we are focused on community and education as described above.
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If you are requesting a grant to only fund a part of a project, please list the other sources of funding that you hope to receive, and the total budget for the project.
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Please (1) describe your project, (2) indicate how the funding will be used, and (3) make a case for why the foundation should support your proposal. Please be specific and quantitative about the proposed use and allocation of funds.
Timeline and Milestones
Please give a timeline and milestones for your project or group.  The main deliverable that we would like is a written summary of how the grant was used; are you willing to make this your final milestone?
Thank you!
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