Chm 206 Spring 2019 Expt 2. Beers Law
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The Mohr pipet portion (Questions 1 and 2) are worth 5 points. 1. For the Mohr pipet test with the ORANGE solution, what volume were you assigned?
Include units (mL)
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2. After you measured out the volume of the ORANGE solution, what is the mass (in g) of the ORANGE solution?
Include units (g)
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3. When you performed your experiment making the dilution of the BLUE solution, what concentration were you assigned?
Include units (mol/L)
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4. (3 points) To make the BLUE solution, what volume of Stock Blue solution did you need?
Include units and report the correct number of significant figures.
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5. (3 pts) What Absorbance did you record for your BLUE solution?
Absorbance has no units.
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6. I understand that I will need to return to the lab website later to obtain the class data. With these data, I will prepare a Beers law plot, determine the trendline and R2 value and include these results in my report. *
Note: The slope of the trendline is the molar absorbtivity and is primary objective of today's experiment. This number must be reported in your lab report (with correct units)
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