Disastrous Dinners
The basic idea is to have a monthly informal dinner (probably in a pub) followed by a talk about a disaster or an accident (probably with a drink or two).

Unlike most process industry talks and courses, we will not restrict ourselves to events like Bopal, Piper Alpha and the other usual suspects. While we may well look at these disasters, the intent is to cast a wider net and cover disasters from other industries such as the military, rail or aviation. We may not restrict ourselves to actual historical events either but are open to discussing fictional disasters as well. Each accident (or series of accidents) will be used to provide a focus on a particular tool or hazard that process engineers should be aware of to avoid future accidents.

The aim is to host the event in a venue that can serve food and then allow us to present the talk in a function room. Unlike most talks which mostly consist of a presentation with limited time for questions, the intent is to reverse the priorities. The initial presentation would be kept relatively short (15 to 30 minutes) and be used as a starting point for further questions and discussions within the room.

So, in summary, it would be part social event, part technical talk and part workshop. Something for everyone!
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