PFG Vendor Application
Deadline for Applying: June 16, 2018.

Pacific Fire Gathering is a fire and flow arts festival with approximately 500-600 attendees.
We favor food vendors and merchandise vendors that sell props and/or fire safe clothing. However, we welcome all types of vendors to apply!

- 10x10 Booth - $100
- 10x20 Booth - $175
- Access to 2 vendor tickets at first tier pricing: $155
- OPTIONAL: Booth parking pass: $20. This parking is considered a “Hard Park” and you will not be able to move your car for the duration of the event.

- Wifi will be available or digital transactions
- You must bring sandbags and buckets in order to secure your tent/booth on concrete without stakes. This event is on the coast, and it may be windy!
- You must bring your own extension chord as there are limited electrical hookups.
- Early entry on Wednesday afternoon is allowed.
- Must be on site no later than 12pm Thursday.
- Sales are allowed until 2pm Sunday.
- We ask that you please be off-site no later than 4pm Sunday.

It is customary for merchandise vendors to donate a desirable item to the raffle. The raffle encourages volunteering, as the only way to earn raffle tickets is to complete volunteer shifts.

We will promote your business on our Facebook group if you submit a photo of your raffle item by August 10, 2018.

We will post your hours and menu with attendees if you submit the information before September 1, 2018. We encourage both late night and/or early morning hours.

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