Almaty International Women's Club (AIWC) MEMBERSHIP FORM 2022-2(023
AIWC is an English speaking organization,  therefore we must insist that its members have a certain level of English language in order to participate.
АМЖК является англоязычной организацией, и в целях полноценного участия в ее деятельности, члены клуба должны обладать соответствующим уровнем английского языка.

Membership fee:
New membership for 1 year (1st September until 31st August of the following year) = 50,000 KZT
Professional Networking Group Membership fee for 1 year = 25,000 KZT
Half Year Membership applicable only from 1st February to 31st August of the year = 25,000 KZT
Renewal of current membership BEFORE 1st October = 35,000 KZT

(Please note, renewing members have 30 days to pay membership fees due before membership is terminated (i.e. by 1st October). After this date, your name will be removed from the membership list automatically and renewal will then be at new member's rate.)
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New membership - half year *
Professional Networking Group Membership
How did you hear about AIWC? *
Why do you wish to join AIWC? *
3. Birthday *
4. Local Kazakh number (landline/mobile) *
5. WhatsApp Number (If different)
6. Email *
7. Languages Spoken (Please Check All That Apply) *
8. Profession *
9. Spouse's Name *
10. Company Name (your company, if you work, or your partner’s, if you don’t) *
11. Country of Origin *
11.1 If your country of origin is Kazakhstan:
11.1a Is your Spouse an Expatriate?
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If your country of origin is Kazakhstan please answer question 11. If not, please continue to question 12
11.1b Spouse's Country of Origin
11.2a Did you live at least 12 months abroad?
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11.2b If you lived abroad, please list the country/countries below
11.3 If none of the above apply, please name two expatriate AIWC members who can recommend your membership
12. Interests/Sports/Skills *
13. Would you like to help in any of the following club activities?
Please tell us your handles/accounts for Instagram and Facebook if you are on them. We would love to connect with you!
I agree that my contact details can be used for AIWC membership purposes only (Please type your name as consent of signature)
Almaty International Women's Club (hereinafter "Club") seeks at all times to exercise appropriate care and attention to ensure the safety and well-being of its members and their guests at Club meetings and other Club activities. We strongly recommend that you ensure you have valid insurance cover for any outdoor or sporting activities you may undertake with the Club. By participating in Club activities you agree that (please check each of the following):  
As a member of the Almaty International Women's Club I hereby agree to keep all personal information about AIWC members confidential within the Club. I will not share the Club's phone list, including telephone numbers, email addresses, and company affiliations, with anyone who is not a member of the AIWC. *
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