Get Your Correct Pandere Size!
We find that if we can get foot measurements prior to purchase, we can improve your experience with our shoes. We increase the chance of getting the right size shoes by 30%. We put your data in our proprietary tool and will give you a recommendation on the best size and style to start with. Let's get started!

Grab a tape measure and give us the following foot measurements.

Are you using inches or centimeters? *
How long is the length (inches or cms only) of your foot from heel to longest toe? If you're trying to be sized over bandages or a compression garment, please measure with the items on. *
What is the circumference all the way around the ball of your foot? This is where your toes come into the main part of your foot. *
What is the circumference all the way your instep? This is the middle of your foot where your arch sits. *
What is the circumference around your ankle? *
What size shoes do you usually buy? *
What is your gender? *
Do you have any medical condtions that impact shoe fit. (example: swelling, bunions...) *
Please provide an email so we can give you a recommendation. *
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