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Hello from Kim & Tamara at Pixelwinx! We know technology is great( when it works) & annoying when it doesn't but if you give us a little bit of info, we will try to make it a little better.
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What type of 'computer & smartphone stuff' do you have? (This helps us figure out which Pixie gets to be in charge - PC Pixie or MAC Pixie.) It also helps us figure out the length of our 'photo hunt' we will be going on;)). Please select all that apply & add whatever we have forgotten. *
Some of our Scanning Services:
Where do your photos 'hide, live or are saved'? (Select all that apply & add whatever we have forgotten;)) *
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Photo JOY.....not worry.
Our photos should bring us JOY but often cause feelings of worry, anxiety, guilt or just plain annoyance. What keeps you up at night about your photos? (Check all that apply & remember there is no judging in Pixieville;)) *
What is a photo organizer, archivist, or curator? (**Hint - it has a lot to do with the list above & all the boxes apply!**:))
A photo organizer.....
A photo organizer.....
What is the best way to communicate with each other? (Select all that apply and if you never check your email, please tell us that too under 'other'!)
Thanks for checking us out! More info can be found at Pixelwinx.com!
Kim & Tamara -Head Pixies!
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