I want to change for 2 Fleurcup for €14.99 - Regulation

You have a menstrual cup, whatever the brand, and you want to change it for 2 Fleurcup for only €14.99, with free delivery?

Fleurcup (fleurcup.com) offers you an exceptional offer: you send us your old menstrual cup and we offer you a discount of €5 on the purchase of a pack of 2 Fleurcup for €19.99, which is only €14.99 for 2 Fleurcup, with free delivery!

To take advantage of this offer, it is very simple:

1- Fill out carefully the application form below.

2 - Send, at your own expense, your old menstrual cup cut in half, sterilized and clean, to the following address, without forgetting to write legibly on the back of the envelope, your e-mail address of participation:

I want to change for 2 Fleurcup for €14.99
Carrer Doctor Nequi 7
Pis 2 - Portes G i H
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Principat d’Andorra

Your old menstrual cup must be received by us no later than thirty days after the date of your participation at the offer.

3 - Upon receipt of your old menstrual cup, we will send you, by e-mail, your €5 discount code, to be used on our website fleurcup.com, for the purchase of a pack of 2 Fleurcup of 19,99€. If you can't find it, please check your SPAM folder. You must use your €5 discount code within ten days.

4 - Buy on our website fleurcup.com, the 2 Fleurcup pack for €19,99 you want, with free delivery, without forgetting to indicate your €5 discount code in the box "Code" and to validate your Code, during the purchase process.

Offer valid until December 31st, 2019.
Your old menstrual cup will be delivered to the Andorran waste treatment and recycling centre. Fleurcup cannot be held responsible in case of non-receipt of your old menstrual cup before the deadline. All e-mail addresses indicated must be identical. If you forget to clearly write your e-mail address of participation on the back of your envelope, your participation will be invalidated. If you forget to indicate and validate your discount code when you purchase, you will not benefit from the €5 discount. Only the postmark can be used as evidence. Any non-compliant participation will not be processed and will be rejected. Any participation will be automatically and definitively cancelled and closed sixty days after the date of participation at the offer. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with our Terms and conditions: fleurcup.com/cgv.pdf.

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